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Leather Couch Makeover!

Update and makeover for leather couch!
  • leather couch makeover

I love love love this couch and it beautiful but sagging and scratched cushions where sat upon and kitties run across. Also, the connectors were broken between the two sections. Challenges were no zipped or removable cushions, worn faded leather with scratches, as well as sagging seat cushions.

  • leather couch makeover

This is half the section before I started and used Rub n Restore materials and instructions to the letter. I repaired any scratches, sanded to smoothness, cleaned all the leather as instructed, covered the wooden feet with painters tape, and purchased/installed new male and female adaptors between the 2 sections.
Final touch to prepare my couch was to restuff all the flattened cushions by removing the liner underneath and stuffing the cushions to desired comfort. Remember it will compress as you sit on the cushion, but don't worry it will seek it's level And may feel a little firm at first. I added 4 foam 12x12 pieces in each of the cushion areas.
Make sure you use drop cloths, I started without them thinking to save time and stopped to add them for easier clean up.

  • leather couch makeover

I was a little nervous about starting even after preparing the leather. Here is one coat of color using "Walnut" for my selected color. Rub n Restore mother/daughter team have been in business of restoring leather for many years. I watched their video and spoke to them about some of my challenges.
They sent me color swatches and even exchanged my first color choice of mahogany, which was a deeper version of my cranberry for a minimal cost. They will even customize your color to match or help you mix colors.

  • leather couch makeover

Tah-dah! This is after 2 coats of walnut color and a coat of the clear top glaze. I really love my finished project and my friends thought I had my couch professionally recovered.

I couldn't have done this project without the help of Rub n Restore. I did my homework and researched many options. They are a little hidden secret!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Rub n Restore Walnut Color and Clear Glaze, foam pieces from craft store, male/female connectors order online, super glue, 320 sand paper, painters tape, plastic drop cloths, sponges, gloves, staple gun and paint brush for hard to reach areas.   (Rub n Restore online, craft store, and Amazon)
  • Pillow and throw Home Goods

To see more: https://www.rubnrestore.com/

  • Linda
    Linda Fort Lauderdale, FL

    I also recovered my high top and kitchen table seating to coordinate with the earth tones. I'll be posting it soon.

  • Itsmemic
    Itsmemic Middle Island, NY

    fantastic ! I have a NO ANIMAL rule after my large dog decided to take a nap and gouged a deep scratch on the cushion. I actually cried. From now on? A simple expandable curtain rod blocks his attempts. He has his own cushy bed of course :)

  • Mary
    Mary Ashburn, VA

    wow! Just beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing Linda!

  • Linda
    Linda Fort Lauderdale, FL

    I want to thank you everyone for all your kind and encouraging comments. It was s big step to change the color.

  • Gail@Purple Hues and Me
    Gail@Purple Hues and Me Millersville, MD

    Beautiful and nicely done!

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