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Pallet Garden

Today was one of the first truly spring like days in NYC so I decided to do some planting. A pallet makes for a great huge planter for those who (like me) don't have a yard where they can do lots of planting. It is also great for those who are looking for a vertical garden. Add some landscape fabric to a pallet, pour in some dirt and get to planting! This pallet garden will spruce up any drab space!

Time: 1 Hours Cost: $50-100 Difficulty: Easy
  • pallet garden

-2 Large Bags of Potting Mix
-Landscape Fabric
-Variety of Flowers / Plants
-Staple Gun & Staples

  • pallet garden

STEP 1: Flip your pallet onto one side so it lies flat with the slats that sit closer together facing up. Unroll enough landscape fabric to cover the entire side.

  • pallet garden

STEP 2: Cut the excess fabric away.

STEP 3: Staple the fabric down to the pallet working your way across each beam.

  • pallet garden

STEP 4: Continue stapling until there are staples around the entire border as well as across each beam.

  • pallet garden

STEP 5: Wrap the excess fabric around the edge and staple it in place.

  • pallet garden

STEP 6: Because the ends of a pallet are open you will need to wrap the fabric around the openings and staple it in place. I decided I wanted some flowers standing upright so I only did this to one side so that I could plant some flowers through the top opening once I stood my pallet up.

  • pallet garden

STEP 7: Turn your pallet over so the uncovered side is facing up.

  • pallet garden

STEP 8: Pour an entire bag of potting mix in between the slats of the pallet making sure it is level throughout.

  • pallet garden

STEP 9: Now it's time to start planting. Make little ditches for each plant and set them within the ditch and scoop dirt in to cover the roots.

  • pallet garden

STEP 10: Once you have planted all your flowers fill in any empty spaces around the roots with more dirt packing them into place.

  • pallet garden

STEP 11: Now reposition your planter so it rest vertically (if you so choose)

  • pallet garden

Look at all those beauties! I wish there were more perennial flowers so I could enjoy watching them re-bloom each year, but for now I will certainly take them in on the daily!

  • pallet garden

Be sure to water the plants immediately so as to help pack in the dirt.

  • pallet garden

This thing has given this wall so much life!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Pallet   (Trash)
  • Flowers   (Lowe's)
  • Miracle Grow Moisture Control Potting Mix   (Lowe's)
See all materials
  • Patty LeVasseur
    Patty LeVasseur Houlton, ME

    SOME PALLETS are toxins as they are either dipped or sprayed ......when you water the plant ....the water soaks the wood.. and since the wood is in contact with the plants..... be it leaves stocks...roots .... the plant will absorb what it has

  • Peggy Comer
    Peggy Comer Danville, PA

    i want to know that as well...

  • Lee Finney

    Buy only organic soil.

  • Ficher Luce
    Ficher Luce West Sacramento, CA

    Anything green is invigorating! This is so much fun and I love how easy your instructions and photos make it seem! Thanks for sharing!

  • DIY Tess
    DIY Tess United Kingdom

    Stain it black and it'll look shop bought !!!!

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