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Learning to Save and to Care for a Crown of Thorn

I bought this beautiful Crown of thorn in July of last year. It was very happy outdoors but I had a feeling that once I brought it inside for the winter, there was going to be trouble... It didn't take long.
I am aware that temperature and lighting can and will have a different effect on your plants once they are back indoors for the winter... This transition has always been an issue and a problem for me.....
" Sigh" One day I'm going to get it right!
I SWORE I would Not.... OVER WATER! But OVER WATER I DID! I had to stop my crying and spring into action.!! My photos explain what I'm doing to save it... Thanks for your comments and tips..

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  • Wendy Ann Short

    Thanks for sharing. it's a Beautiful Plant.

  • Vetsy
    Vetsy Spartanburg, SC

    @Wendy Ann Short... Thank You.

  • Mary Krygiel
    Mary Krygiel Norristown, PA

    I, too, lost an identical plant. Let us know how you make out because this is a beauiiful plant. I am usually good with plants but not with this variety.

    • Vetsy
      Vetsy Spartanburg, SC

      @Mary Krygiel I am so disappointed and saddened because I lost this lovely plant... I couldn't keep it alive... even with all the helpful tips I received. Some how I thought it would be one that I couldn't Kill... But Kill it I did.,,Sigh... Thank

  • Rebecca Duff
    Rebecca Duff Powell, TN

    yes! the sand! just noticed that on your post (duh) ...I have started many of these by doing what you have done, BUT, it's when I bring them in they die....very easy to start..

    • Vetsy
      Vetsy Spartanburg, SC

      @Rebecca Duff Maybe I'll have better luck in the future.... with growing and propagation as well... Thanks Rebecca.

    CAROL Benton, KY

    I bought one of these at Walmart 7 yrs ago- it was in a teeny pot and was about 5 inches tall! It looked odd and was the only one in the HOUSE plant area! I had no clue what it was till last year! lol--- I put it out in the full sun every summer and

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