Galvanized Chicken Feeder and Mason Jar Repurposed Into Lamp

I always seem to be drawn to galvanized chick feeders when I see them at a flea market or yard sale. (you can buy them brand new at a feed store too) I hung onto this feeder for a while until inspiration hit. Why not put a light in it and turn it into a lamp! I had a few primitive window candle lamps on hand in my stash so I took one out and took it apart and came up with a plan.
Time: 30 Minutes Cost: $8 Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Pam Perkins Zirbel
    Pam Perkins Zirbel Newfane, NY
    Adina Johnson @ Simply Country Life ....well done!! I too love the metal chicken feeders but I guess where I go, they dont have these cool ones!! But best believe that I will be looking for them for this sole purpose!!!
  • Glenda Perkins
    Glenda Perkins Odessa, TX
    you can still buy these chicken feeders at your local feed stores. I bought one recently.
  • Sandy
    Sandy Lubbock, TX
    I am in heaven!! I have chicken feeders we used on our farm when I was a child. This is wonderful. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
  • Adina Johnson @ Simply Country Life
    You are very welcome Sandy! What fun memories they will have when you use them in your home.
  • Tanya Horn
    Tanya Horn Beattyville, KY
    Love these!!
Adina Johnson @ Simply Country Life