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How to Update the Shower in Minutes

Here's an easy update for your shower. I suggest this same idea to sellers when they have a bathroom that needs a bit of an update. This suggestion costs under $20.00 and takes less than 20 minutes. Curious now?
  • how to update the shower in minutes
Here's a shower glass door typical of many bathrooms across the bathroom. Guests and/or potential home buyers don't want to know your personal care habits.
  • how to update the shower in minutes
It's never a good look with a glass shower door unless it is a model home or new construction. Here's the simple change I made to our bath/shower combo.
  • how to update the shower in minutes
Look at the difference a shower curtain makes to the space. It added much needed texture to a bathroom with lots of tile. There are few projects around the house that take a few minutes AND make a noticeable difference to a space.
  • how to update the shower in minutes
A side perk of the cloth shower curtain is it can store a Christmas tree that forgot to be stored away. What do you think? Here's a before and after shot with a different shower curtain. I love the grey curtain so much more!

To see more: https://notatrophywife.com/2017/04/shower-update/

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  • Wilbert Walker
    Wilbert Walker San Jose, CA

    Wow....Its super easy and cheap as well. Thanks

  • O.shag

    OK, it works if you have company over for a few hours( unless they're the nosy sort.) But if I'm looking at a house to buy I am going to look in the shower. Also the closets, laundry room, garage, basement,etc.

    J FITZGERALD San Diego, CA

    In total agreement with you, if you are having guests, etc., curtain looks much better than having your personal stuff on full display, when I expect guest, I put everything away in the tub and shower and to surprise nosy guests, I will do something

  • Brenda  S.
    Brenda S. North Brunswick, NJ

    Looks great!!

  • Not a Trophy Wife

    Thanks Brenda!

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