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Farmhouse Wood Siding Frames

A couple of weeks ago I was given the opportunity to rescue treasures from an old farmhouse. This is my 5th project from that scavenging trip and this time I'm using a few pieces of some chippy paint wood siding to make a couple of fun frames.
  • farmhouse wood siding frames
For the glass and backing I’m pairing the wood siding with a couple of Ribba frames from IKEA.
I’ve used the Ribba frames for a couple of other DIY frames because they’re inexpensive, the perfect amount of chunkiness and plain.
  • farmhouse wood siding frames
Use a miter saw to cut perfect 45 degree angles.  I like to cut my pieces just a bit too long then pare off a tiny bit until my corners all match up.
  • farmhouse wood siding frames
Cut a thin backing board just a tiny bit smaller than the frame so nothing will be sticking out.  

While the molding is down outline the middle space  and the perimeter.  Cut with a jigsaw.
  • farmhouse wood siding frames
Use the interior frame line as a guide then cut 1/4 inch further inside the line.  You want to leave a lip to sit your Ribba frame on.
  • farmhouse wood siding frames
Use builders adhesive to attach.
  • farmhouse wood siding frames
I painted the  Ribba frame with a cream color paint so it wasn’t quite so white. The chippy farmhouse siding got a coat of wood glue mixed with water to preserve the chippy goodness.
  • farmhouse wood siding frames
The backing was glued on with the builders adhesive but I did add a few more staples from the back just for good measure.

My hanger of choice are these Sawtooth Hangers.
  • farmhouse wood siding frames
The only thing left to do is find your favorite photos.

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To see more: http://scavengerchic.com/2017/04/06/farmhouse-wood-siding-frames/

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