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This IKEA Hack Hides an Ugly Electrical Panel

I hated the electrical panel in my entryway. It was the first thing houseguests would see when they walked into my apartment. Yikes, right? So I tried hanging a framed print over it, but nothing in my home collection worked in that weird spot. I also tried covering it with contact paper, but it made my breaker box even more apparent. During a shopping trip to my local IKEA, inspiration struck. Here's how I concealed the big ugly in my entryway.
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $41 Difficulty: Easy
  • this ikea hack hides an ugly electrical panel
My electrical panel may be smaller than yours, but in my tiny apartment it stuck out like a freaking sore thumb.
  • this ikea hack hides an ugly electrical panel
The contact paper idea was a total misfire. See all the wrinkles ? Because of the rounded edges, I couldn't get the paper to lay flat. Also my husband thought the faux wood grain was super tacky.
  • this ikea hack hides an ugly electrical panel
If you ever been to IKEA or flipped through one of their catalogs, you know the Swedish retailer makes wall mounted cabinets in a bazillion different sizes. So I bought this one from the BRIMNES series to install over my electrical panel.
  • this ikea hack hides an ugly electrical panel
The IKEA cabinet was a little too deep for my purposes so I cut its depth in half. But here's the thing. Many IKEA items including my new cabinet have a Melamine coating, which is tricky to cut without damaging. You'll find tips for cutting the material without causing chipping or splintering in my original tutorial.

  • this ikea hack hides an ugly electrical panel
Removing an electrical panel's cover and also drilling around the area when an electrical panel is installed is not allowed in my building without permission from the board. Even then I must hire a licensed electrician to get the job done. I share how I got around those pesky rules in my original post using L brackets.
  • this ikea hack hides an ugly electrical panel
Ta-da! Behold my new electrical panel cabinet! I covered the glass door with window film (the self sticking stuff.)

Materials I used for this project:

  • Ikea Cabinet $39.99
  • L brackets: $2.00

To see more: https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-hide-electrical-panel-4136325

  • Cynthia H
    Cynthia H Pittston, PA

    I like the red cabinet. It looks like an accent color and I would simply add one or two other items on the wall in the same color and it will look very deliberate!

  • Willmiajohnson

    Love your idea with the red cabinet.

  • Itsmemic
    Itsmemic Middle Island, NY

    I have a much cheaper version. Bought a shadow box frame at Michaels Craft Store...cost $6.00.Put a leftover piece of stained glass film on the glass...and Voila ! Horrible lightswitches covered !

  • Colette Belanger

    Any ideas for camouflaging a large grey outdoor electric meter box and thick black ugly cables that run up the middle of a white brick wall of my house that is part of the patio. I tried vines in pots - the patio floor is brick- but thet didn't

  • Lori
    Lori Rockton, IL

    How about making a table that resembles a wall mounted one? The base for this one can be rounded and hollow to cover the box and cables using thin wood slats vertically for the base (attached to a wood half round at patio level that's flat on one

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