Wanted to share a fun weekend project of transforming an old door into a new headboard for our guest room.

Master bedroom 01.17.15
It cost us only $50, and it was a great way to re-use and re-purpose something others may have considered ready for the landfill. For full details and how to instructions: http://www.oldtownhome.com/2011/5/18/Opportu...
  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Cool project I would have never thought of. And if you don't have a used door, our Habitat ReStores always seem to have funky old doors on hand just waiting for the right buyer and "repurposer."
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    That is so creative! and great idea Steve because I was thinking, well I don't have an old door...
  • Chaya K
    Chaya K New York, NY
    LOVE it!
  • Yamini LEED AP at Urbanmotifs
    Awesome, Nice use of the old door!
  • Old Town Home
    Old Town Home Alexandria, VA
    Absolutely Steve, there are many options out there if you don't have an extra door on hand! Salvage yards, ReStores, flea markets, etc. all seem to have an overabundance of doors just waiting for the right home.
  • James A
    James A Roswell, GA
    Great idea. This project has many opportunities for creativity with the wide selection of old doors available..
  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    wow! I just posted on another thread that I had also made a headboard from a door from habitat. Not as nice as this one tho. mine was hollow core, and I put molding around it. I will try to post a picture if i can figure out how!
  • Jennifer L
    Jennifer L Oxford, PA
    Great idea!
  • Faidra at  CA Global Inc
    Great idea, nice duvet also
  • Pattie R
    Pattie R Hamburg, NY
    Beautiful! I'm into old doors, too!
  • Tim B
    Tim B Bonduel, WI
    I have also used bed frames to make benches. I think it is awesome to reuse!
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