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Repurpose Horseshoes and Wood Into a Rustic, Country Candle Holder

For those of us with a little cowgirl in us. Here's a repurpose project combining old horseshoes and a chunky piece of rough sawn wood. By drilling spaces deep enough into the wood to hold votive candle holders and attaching horshoes to each end, I've created a rustic candle holder. The wood was from our burn pile and the horseshoes were in the neighbors scrap pile. (He's a farrier and he gave me a dozen of them!)
  • repurpose horseshoes and wood into a rustic country candle holder, crafts, repurposing upcycling

To see more: http://simplycountrylife.blogspot.com/2014/01/horseshoes-and-chunk-of-wood-get-new.html

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  • Mary C
    Mary C Reddick, FL

    A country girl can survive.....u go girl....this is all out country and looks a lot better than the store bought items...but, i bet u could make these up and sell them to the country folks....another project made in the U.S.A.......keepin our money

  • Carole Anne Watson
    Carole Anne Watson United Kingdom

    Simple and brilliant...love it.

  • Mary C
    Mary C Reddick, FL

    don't b/l in the superstitious part of the horse shoe....if we did that, who only knows what we wouldn't be reinventing....they look great, and my faith is in Jesus who finished all powers of darkness when he went to the cross for me!!!!!!!!!! keep

  • Vicky Chavez
    Vicky Chavez Boise, ID

    Thanks you for this wonderful idea! My brother who was a farrier (horseshoes..blacksmith) passed away 2 years ago and I have some of his handmaid horse shoes!!! Thanks so much for sharing

    • Adina Johnson @ Simply Country Life

      @Vicky Chavez Vicky, thank you so much. How special it would be to include something handmade by your brother in an item you can see and use everyday!

  • Julie Smith-Roof
    Julie Smith-Roof Dunnellon, FL


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