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6 Easy and Cheap Kids Crafts on Wood

After finishing up a big project, I needed a break. I decided to get crafty with my favorite 3-year old. All 6 of these crafts are easy enough for a 3 year old (with a little help), but can be totally entertaining for teens or even crafty grown ups. Who needs adult coloring books when there's felt flower patterns all over Pinterest.
These projects can be themed to lots of holidays or occasions; birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Christmas...
Just pick colors you love and go for a new look. Kids can have lots of great ideas for art projects. Sometimes you just have to remind them that they don't always have to follow directions or copy what someone else is doing. They should just try new ideas and not worry about being perfect, there is no perfect in art. Just have fun with it.
Follow the link for full details.
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $5 Difficulty: Easy
Using shaving cream and food coloring or watered down acrylic to do marbling works on wood too. And kids love scraping that shaving cream away to see their amazing artwork.
We made all of these projects on craft wood that can be purchased at Walmart for $1 to $2. Or you can find it on Amazon for a few dollars more, if you prefer the convenience of delivery.
We used this one to make string art too. Printing off patterns to use as nail guides is easy. I also recommend using needle nose pliers to hold the nails while hammering.
Another simple craft I loved as a kid is taping off areas to make patterns with paint. Stickers work great to create patterns too. Just peel off after the paint dries.
Use up all those crayon bits and stubs to make shavings to melt.
Depending on your kids age, cutting and gluing felt flowers to make bouquets is great fun.
You can find lots of free printable flower patterns online. Cut some out in your favorite colors and mount them on a wood plaque for Mom or Grandma.
Get all the details and instructions by following the link.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Craft wood frames and plaques   (Walmart and Amazon)
  • Acrylic Paints   (Amazon)
  • Felt   (Amazon)

To see more: http://abbottsathome.com/2017/01/6-easy-and-cheap-valentines-kids-crafts-on-wood/

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