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Sofa Table Makeover

I recently made over a dated sofa table for a client with a spectacular result. The client has had me do multiple pieces in various shades of white and grey to update her home. When she finally found the perfect size sofa table she brought it for a makeover and here is the result.
  • sofa table makeover
this was the before and yes I understand some of you love wood in a stained version but this is a clients piece and they wanted a fresh white makeover
  • sofa table makeover
I primed the entire piece after sanding and scrubbing well and left to dry for a few days then put on two coats of country chic white paint in the color simplicty
  • sofa table makeover
the edges were minimally distressed and then 2 additional coats of sealer were added for durability, I chose a new to me product called polyvine wax finish in dead flat sheen
  • sofa table makeover
the dead flat kept the entire piece well sealed but looking farm house fresh
  • sofa table makeover
the end result was a crisp yet rustic look as minimal distressing kept it in the farmhouse feel, it also helps the piece allow for normal wear
  • sofa table makeover
I have no doubt it now has many more years of service in its future

Materials I used for this project:

  • Country chic paint
  • Polyvine wax finish
  • Fusion mineral paint

To see more: https://creativemoments10.blogspot.ca/

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