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$1 Gift Wrap China Cabinet Makeover

Continuing with the low budget, practically no budget, happification of my kitchen decor next on the list was my vintage 70s kitchen china cabinet.
  • fun and happy china cabinet makeover
Here's the before. I painted it like this to go with my Royal Albert Country Roses china, but after many years and just like the rest of my kitchen I was ready for a change to a lighter and brighter decor.
  • fun and happy china cabinet makeover
The first thing I did was paint the inside with two coats of white with the same paint and primer combo that I used on the kitchen walls.
  • fun and happy china cabinet makeover
This is Take 2 of the outside of the cabinet, which is a mixture of my kitchen cupboards colour and white paint. To check out my Take 1 mistake click on the link at the end of this post.
Since I love colour this was just a tad boring for me.
  • fun and happy china cabinet makeover
After looking around for a while I found this fabulous polka dot gift wrap at the dollar store for, what else, $1. I didn't even use the whole thing so technically this cost me about 50 cents..
  • fun and happy china cabinet makeover
I measured the inside areas of the cabinet and cut out the pieces.
  • fun and happy china cabinet makeover
I simply attached the gift wrap with pieces of double sided tape.
  • fun and happy china cabinet makeover
This way I can feel free to change it anytime in the future if I want to.
  • fun and happy china cabinet makeover
To finish it off I spray painted the hardware a nice bright red.
  • fun and happy china cabinet makeover
Here's the before again.
  • fun and happy china cabinet makeover
And the happified after.
  • fun and happy china cabinet makeover
It was so easy an inexpensive to totally transform this piece into a bright and happy place to display my future milk glass collection. I've always admired milk glass and now I have a place to show off my future finds. I'm so looking forward to garage sale season this year. Maybe I'll get lucky!

To check out the makeover of my old kitchen cupboards click here.

To see more: http://thriftyrebelvintage.com/2017/02/kitchen-china-cabinet-makeover.html/

  • Tonya
    Tonya Martinsville, VA

    Thanks for getting back to me. I love your encouraging words, "follow your heart and tell my head to be quite all the time". Great advice🙌. Please have a great Summer.

  • Doreen
    Doreen Olyphant, PA

    Looks great!! I get what you said to a question needing to brighten it up. I have one similar,( big & brown)!!!!I did the back of mine althougah hint::; at the dollar tree I used the foam board & cut & covered it that way it was easier to smooth it

  • Sheila D
    Sheila D Crystal River, FL

    Cute!. I had just "papered" mine with the textured/paintable wall paper for a new look. What a difference, good job

    • Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage

      Thanks so much Sheila! that textured wallpaper is fun to work with too. I just got a bunch at a garage sale for a future project.

  • Kathy Voisin Zeuty

    I inherited one with a mirrored back. Now I have ideas how to cover it!!! Thanks

  • Debbie
    Debbie Bourbonnais, IL

    what a fun idea ! I love the way that you woke up the cabinet , it seemed so tired before and without personality . Great job

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