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DIY Solar Lanterns

I needed a bit of light on my porch. Didn't have any outlets, so I made my own. I'm sorry I didn't get pics of the steps by steps, I was by myself and totally got into the project. But, it's pretty easy and you can always ask me any questions if you need for info.
Cost: $50 Difficulty: Easy
  • solar lanterns
Stuff I used:
  • 2 Black Lanterns from AC Moore, $6.00 each (had a 50% off coupon, so I got both for $6)
  • 2 Solar Led Bulb Light sets from Big Lots, $12 each
  • Plastic Flowers Bunch from AC Moore, on sale for $4.99
  • 2 Black Deco Chain, cut to 1 Foot each , from Home Depot, $0.98 each
  • Already had - Florist tape and wire
  • solar lanterns
I attached the chain with pliers. I doubled it because the chain was too long. I used the holes on the top to hang the lights in the chandelier pattern. I grouped the lights in 3s to get the chandelier effect. I added wire to the groups of lights and then ran them through the top.
  • solar lanterns
I basically played around with the groups of lights, till I got the effect that I wanted. With the wires I was able to control how far up and down the lights went. The last 2 groups of lights I had hanging down to get the chandelier effect. Again, just played around till I got the look I wanted. To finish off the lanterns and to hide the wires, I hot glued the flowers on each side.
  • solar lanterns
Finished lanterns!
  • solar lanterns
Different view.
  • solar lanterns
This shows where I placed the solar panels, I wanted to put them on the roof, but we have really bad weather here, so that idea was vetoed. Please don't judge the X-Mas lights.. but we had NO lights so I had them up and connected thru a window, till I had a better solution.
  • solar lanterns
*Extra* The wreath was a wire wreath ($2.99), Plastic Flowers ($4.99), Wired Ribbon ($3.00), & Spring Sign ($2.99) all from AC Moore. I had left over green burlap. I used florist wire for the ribbons and hot glue for the flowers. There are TONS of videos on how to do these wreaths on YouTube.. I just start with burlap and then add ribbons and decor, but if you need a little help here's a video -->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOVJOxmuB-g
  • solar lanterns
My Spring Porch decor.. I will upload pics of the lanterns at night.
  • solar lanterns
The lanterns at night

Materials I used for this project:

  • Florist Tape
  • Florist Wire
  • Solar LED bulb lights (15)   (Big Lots)
See all materials

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