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How to Add Privacy to Windows in a Rental Property or Dorm.


Here is an easy way to add privacy to windows in minutes. Seriously: minutes! This inexpensive idea is great for rental properties, dorm windows or anyone low on cash for window treatments. Or, as in our case, I needed a temporary solution until I decided on window treatments. Cash flow also played a key role in this idea!

Time: 1 Hours Cost: $5 Difficulty: Easy
  • marker
  • transparent contact paper
  • scissors, ruler
template to create shape(s)
I wanted a template that was earthy.. .my sassy sister would say, "You mean easier." I found my template in the most unexpected place- the paint aisle at the Depot. One of the brands had paint sample cards in the shape of a leaf or a water drop. I also created a 10" x 10" cardboard window for a larger window.
A great feature of this window privacy idea is it adds privacy and allows natural light to filter into the room. And, when you upgrade to window treatments or move out of rental it easily scrapes off with a razor's edge and window cleaner. Have an ugly view out of a window; this is an easy way to block the view and let the light shine in!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Transparent contact paper   (template)
  • Scissors, pen, ruler

To see more: http://notatrophywife.com/2017/06/create-privacy-for-windows/

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