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DIY Beach Themed Coasters

Like so many of you, I love mason jars and use them quite often in decorating. But I find that I use a ton of the Mason jars but never the lids. Does that happen to you? I literally had a bucket full of Mason jar lids. My daughter and a couple of friends are moving into their first apartment for their Senior Year of College. They are going with beach themed decor, so I decided to make coasters from the mason jar lids.
  • diy beach themed coasters
These are so easy to make with just a few supplies. Start with your mason jar lids, crushed shells or vase filler and small starfish or shells and E-6000 Adhesive. The final thing that you will need to finish the project is the Triple Thick Gloss Glaze. You can find all of these items at the craft store.
  • diy beach themed coasters
First use the E-6000 to attach the mason jar lid together. Make sure you use enough of the E-6000 to really seal it. You want to make sure the Gloss doesn't leak out of the bottom. Then add the shells and starfish so it is just below the lid. Finally pour a nice, even layer of the Triple Thick Gloss Glaze.
  • diy beach themed coasters
It will come out a milky white but don't worry-it dries clear. If you see any bubbles after you pour it, make sure you use a toothpick to pop the air bubbles. Let it dry overnight and you are done!
  • diy beach themed coasters
It is perfectly clear and sealed making it waterproof and a nice addition to your coastal decor. These would be great to use outside on a porch or patio as well for Summer entertaining. All four of these cost under $10 to make!
  • diy beach themed coasters
Get the step by step as well as other thrifty craft ideas here http://ourcraftymom.com/diy-beach-themed-coasters-mason-jar-lids/. You may also like my beach themed mason jars and bottles here http://ourcraftymom.com/create-challenge-achieve-stained-glass-look/

To see more: http://ourcraftymom.com/diy-beach-themed-coasters-mason-jar-lids/

  • Estelle Brown
    Estelle Brown
    on Jun 14, 2017

    Very nice.

  • PhoDOGrapHER
    PhoDOGrapHER Daly City, CA
    on Jun 15, 2017

    You are fabulous creationist!
    The Daily Dog Walker

  • Carol Z
    Carol Z Pittsburg, CA
    on Jun 16, 2017

    Really love this idea! Themes would be endless, but i think the sea/shells/starfish theme is great!!

  • Maria
    Maria Orlando, FL
    on Jul 19, 2017

    great ideal I love this that is very smart .

  • Cindie Barngrover Mead
    Cindie Barngrover Mead
    on Jul 29, 2017

    So cute but I have had lids that rust and I too would worry about the metal scratching surfaces .... but I would imagine the lids could also be sealed with something and cork could be added to the bottom or felt and just damp cloth clean them if needed....I have so many ideas spinning off of this though ! small plate hangings on the wall or even taking these and putting them on a strip of burlap for a hanging ... Love the idea!!!

    • Vswalters1
      on Aug 8, 2017

      You could sand the lid and spray paint it, use as is and put felt on the bottom of the lid with the above mentioned glue, use a spray sealant on the outside of the lid before assembling the coaster to seal in the rust and then add the felt on the bottom of the lid. Easy-peasy!

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