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DIY Dollar Store Gift

We are all about natural beauty here at Zest. Mix in getting crafty with Dollar Store finds and we are talking a legit Zest it Up project!

When I spied these long wooden handled spa brushes for 99C, I immediately thought of Mother’s Day. A little sprucing and crafting could easily turn them into something trendy and chic. Ummmm.. I don’t know about you, but as a mom myself, I would love a little spoiling with a spa day for Mother’s Day. If giving your Mama a spa day isn’t in the budget this year, no fret! This is a simple way to give her a chic spa day from the comfort of her own home. A perfect way to spoil Mama without spoiling your wallet. This is also a great DIY gift for any pal who has a birthday, bridal shower, or other special event coming up!

Photo Cred: Anya McInroy
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $15 Difficulty: Easy
  • long wooden handled body brushes (found mine at the 99C Store)
  • 1 pack of RIT dye (Navy)
  • 1 container of epsom salt (99C Store, again)
  • fresh lavender (from my yard)
  • cool glass container from the thrift store
  • cozy towel (found the cute striped one at the 99C Store)
  • cool “basket” or container for holding all the goodies
  • optional: a great book, a scented candle, a bottle of wine, a face mask
Mix the RIT dye according to package directions.  My wooden handles were raw, so I knew that they would soak up the dye.  If you have a handle with a sealed finish, just rub it down with sand paper so that the pores of the wood open up.
 I used clothes pins to hold the handles in place as they soaked, because they need to sit in the dye for a good length of time.  Just check them after 30 minutes to see how they are soaking up the dye.  I wound up letting mine soak for two hours.
While they are soaking away, grab your epsom salt and lavender.
Layer the epsom salt and lavender to make a simple but fragrant soak to spoil Mom.
The stripes that the lavender created matched my dip dyed handles perfectly!
Gather your goodies together with a great book for Mom to enjoy while she soaks the cares of the world away.  I chose the inspiring “In the Company of Women” by Grace Bonny…but maybe your Mama would love a fantastically trashy romance novel hahaha!  Just think of a read that will inspire her or transport her while she takes a “Spa Day” at home.
I threw everything together in a cute wire basket that I found at a thrift store.  Altogether, it is a thrifty way to show a special person how much you care!  “Proof is in the pudding” that you don’t have to break the bank in order to show your love.
Cheers to you all!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Long wooden handled body brushes   (99cent store)
  • 1 pack of RIT dye (Navy)   (Michael's)
  • 1 container of Epsom Salt   (99cent store)
See all materials

To see more: http://zestitup.com/diy-dollar-store-mothers-day-gift/

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