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DIY Wooden Lantern That Looks Like You Bought It

Skip the store! This easy DIY will take your outdoor decor to the next level.
It's BBQ season and we are all thinking grilling, hanging out on the deck or patio. But we can't sit on a plain blah deck. We have to style it up. This wooden lantern was inspired by my recent travels to Thailand and Japan. I've been wanting to make some lanterns for my outdoor space for the longest time. So finally I did it. Here's what I did.
This lantern is made primarily using 3/4" and 1/2" square wooden dowels. It's quick, easy and elegant.
Start off by making the 2 base frames.
Insert the 1/2" slats into the frames turning at an angle. This creates a diamond shape inside the frame and adds visual interest.
A tip when connecting the dowels: Use painters tape.
attach the bottom trim
The handle is made using a 14 gauge wire
attach the base
And you are ready to hang this baby. I am loving my new lanterns. It gives off such a romantic feel at night and dusk. The angled slats add to the visual appeal and the light reflects off of it making it look moody.
I can hang it up or place it on a table or banister. And these lanterns also work well indoors.

To see more: http://toolboxdivas.com/2017/05/diy-wooden-lantern.html

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