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How to Build a GeoDome Greenhouse

the GeoDome greenhouse:
Very unique, lightweight structure Stable in wind and under snow Optimal light absorption Has the most growing ground space A unique hang-out place An eye catcher.
Materials to use
Wood. – Screws. – Covering. – Automatic window openers and hinges for the door and the windows.
Tools needed
- measuring tape – square – pencil – safety glasses – hearing protection – drill – radial arm saw or dual bevel miter saw – level
Time: 1 Months Cost: $300 Difficulty: Medium

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  • Kristan MacKay
    Kristan MacKay Capac, MI

    I want to get at least one of these. My brother has one for a greenhouse.

  • Sandy
    Sandy Joppa, MD

    absolutely! This is wonderful and I want one. Well done

  • Jossi
    Jossi Bradford, VT

    I've built the domes using a kit from the Stromberg's Chick catalog. They sell something called the Starplate System, 13 metal plates with holes for the bolts and slots for the 2x4's.
    You can make several different sizes, depending on the length of

  • Ray Phillips
    Ray Phillips Carrollton, GA

    I helped build a dome house around 1980 or so . Had a ball building it. . The best I can remember it was around 2000' I wish I had thought about it when I started building my house I am in now.

  • Shirleypoppy
    Shirleypoppy United Kingdom

    would love one. How much was yours Jossi if you don't mind me asking?

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