How to Build a GeoDome Greenhouse

Yard/Garden 3 days ago
the GeoDome greenhouse:
Very unique, lightweight structure Stable in wind and under snow Optimal light absorption Has the most growing ground space A unique hang-out place An eye catcher.
Materials to use
Wood. – Screws. – Covering. – Automatic window openers and hinges for the door and the windows.
Tools needed
- measuring tape – square – pencil – safety glasses – hearing protection – drill – radial arm saw or dual bevel miter saw – level
#GeoDome #HBN
Time: 1 Month Cost: $300 Difficulty: Moderate
  • Matina V
    Matina V Everett, WA
    That is gorgeous! And practical.
  • Teri Herzog
    Teri Herzog Jacksonville, FL
    wow I love it.
  • Liliana Wells
    Liliana Wells Jackson, GA
  • India Em Artist Author
    Awesome!!! Are you using recycled planters?
  • Patricia Routt
    Patricia Routt Hodgenville, KY
    That is amazing, I love it. Thanks so much for sharing.
  • Mark Bahlke
    Mark Bahlke Colfax, CA
    I want one!! No! I want several! I have an acre to plant, and I want to have at least a quarter of it in greenhouse space.
  • Gretchen
    Gretchen Alpharetta, GA
    ooh, love this! My DH is a math teacher; he loves anything geometric--I'll bet I could get him to build me one pretty easily ;)
  • Mary Himmer
    Mary Himmer Blue Bell, PA
    This is so nice to know that one can be built inexpensively. There is a large one at Rodale Farms here in PA, and I had wanted one since I saw it but didn't think it possible due to cost. Perhaps after we move and get settled eventually, we will try
  • Sherrie S
    Sherrie S Debary, FL
    Not only is it so useful but it is also beautiful.
  • Three Dogs in a Garden
    This is so neat!
  • Sandy
    Sandy Joppa, MD
    a real throw back
  • Kristan MacKay
    Kristan MacKay Capac, MI
    I want to get at least one of these. My brother has one for a greenhouse.
  • Sandy
    Sandy Joppa, MD
    absolutely! This is wonderful and I want one. Well done
  • Jossi
    Jossi Bradford, VT
    I've built the domes using a kit from the Stromberg's Chick catalog. They sell something called the Starplate System, 13 metal plates with holes for the bolts and slots for the 2x4's.
  • Ray Phillips
    Ray Phillips Carrollton, GA
    I helped build a dome house around 1980 or so . Had a ball building it. . The best I can remember it was around 2000' I wish I had thought about it when I started building my house I am in now.