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Easy Clothespin Sunflower Wreath

A little Rit Dye, some clothes pins, a wreath form, and a few finishing touches and you have a sunflower wreath. Inexpensive and easy to make!
Time: 2 Days Cost: $8-11 Difficulty: Easy
For this project you'll need:

Rit Dye - I used Lemon Yellow
Wreath Form
Brown acrylic paint & paint brush
Burlap ribbon
Bowl or Bucket for dying
Put your clothes pins in a large bowl or bucket.

*For my wreath it is a 14" frame from Dollar Tree and it took 156 clothespins.

Cover the clothespins in water. Add 2 Tablespoons or more of Rit Dye to reach your desired color. Remember to shake the bottle up before pouring.
Let them soak for approximately 4 hours.
Let the clothes pins dry completely. Mine took a little over 24 hours stacked like this.
On your wreath form, clip your clothes pins on the last wire all the way around.
For your second layer, clip your clothes pins on the first and second wires all the way around.
It'll look like this after you get all the clothespins on.
Paint brown acrylic paint on the the first layer a little over half way. I also made the edges uneven to create that sunflower's center look.

*Optional, if you aren't up for painting, you could use brown Rit Dye and dye the first circle of clothes pins instead. So you'd have an outer layer of yellow, and a center layer of brown clothespins.
Add a burlap ribbon bow, and pull some sunflower heads off a bouquet and hot glue them onto your wreath.
Tie a piece of twine at the top for hanging.
Your sunflower wreath is done for you to enjoy.
I'll be making this and more items with clothespins on Hometalk's Facebook Live Tuesday, May 30th at 5pm EST.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Clothespins   (Walmart)
  • Rit Dye   (Walmart)
  • Wreath Form 14"   (Dollar Tree)
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