Super Easy Ring Clip Valance

Curtains 09.15.15
I wanted custom looking curtains for my kitchen without the hassle of adding complicated trim. A strip of contrasting fabric added to the top and bottom of a lined rectangle and a few clips did the trick! #windowtreatments
I measured out my rooster fabric to about one and half times the window length, to make sure I had enough material to gather. Then I cut two strips of checked fabric, each about two inches wide and as long as my rooster fabric. I stitched the checked fabric to the roosters top and bottom.
I lined the back on the curtains with a white fabric, added easy ring clips and was done!
It was a super simple way to get a custom drapery without a lot of work! For more photos, check out my site!

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  • Linda Cummings
    Linda Cummings Murfreesboro, TN
    I just found your blog today. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. Love these 'chicken' curtains! LC
  • Sandy
    Sandy Salem, OR
    LOVE THIS! I used the clips and simple rods on curtains in my living room since I open them in the daytime to let in light and want to close them at night for privacy. I am able to close them so much better and easier than the traditional rod pocket and
    • Exquisitely Unremarkable ~ Kim
      Sandy You're so right, the possibilities are endless! I have never thought of using table runner as valances. That is very creative! I often see them, with their pretty patterns, but
  • Exquisitely Unremarkable ~ Kim
    Thanks so much Marcy! I replied on the blog that I would try Craigslist if you are looking for a cheap or free machine...and if you are not going to stitch the valances, the iron on tape works great! :)
Exquisitely Unremarkable ~ Kim