Best Looking Dewey Decimal System Ever!

Furniture Ideas 01.28.16
Hubby grabbed this index catalog cabinet at the local flea for $60.09! I was a little taken back...the veneer was peeling and a lot of wear. (Sorry no before pics...). But I cam home and he had already replaced veneer and filled in spots and had made his own yellow chalk paint from an oops can from Home Depot! It was bright to say the least! I got to work with AS clear and dark wax and the transformation was better than I had imagined! I loved it! I kept the hardware plain because I wasn't sure what or how to change the metal...but here is finished piece with some during the process.

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  • Sue P.
    Sue P. Kingsport, TN

    I typed a response on my iPad then it disappeared, so not sure you got it. We will leave the card catalog as is as it's in

  • Trixie63
    Trixie63 Lima, OH
    After taking the metal rods out of my card catalog, I used them for hose guides in the garden. Works great!
  • Vincent loschiavo
    vincent loschiavo Hampstead, NC
    i m looking to purchase a dewey decimal system cabnet. how do i find one
    • Julie Moyna
      Julie Moyna Santa Clarita, CA
      Random luck my friend. We found it at our local beach flea market. He also bought me on on EBay. It was a 1970's one but I put it on a sewing machine base and sold it for $600.00!
  • Sue P.
    Sue P. Kingsport, TN
    We bought ours at a school auction. Two schools were consolidating into one larger school, so lots of furnishings were being auctioned off.
  • Lisa F
    Lisa F Conover, NC
    You are so lucky! I have wanted one this size for years! Very cool!
    • Julie Moyna
      Julie Moyna Santa Clarita, CA
      Also, check out local postal and school auctions and such. I have a super funky key case I'm going to do as well.
Julie Moyna