redo's 02.13.14

Best Looking Dewey Decimal System Ever!

Hubby grabbed this index catalog cabinet at the local flea for $60.09! I was a little taken back...the veneer was peeling and a lot of wear. (Sorry no before pics...). But I cam home and he had already replaced veneer and filled in spots and had made his own yellow chalk paint from an oops can from Home Depot! It was bright to say the least! I got to work with AS clear and dark wax and the transformation was better than I had imagined! I loved it! I kept the hardware plain because I wasn't sure what or how to change the metal...but here is finished piece with some during the process.
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  • Dolores DeLuise New York, NY
    Beautiful. Leave the drawer pulls as is.
  • Kathleen Turner Quinton, AL
    looks great! How nice that you & your husband enjoy this hobby together. Happy to see the color yellow used----I'm thinking of a kitchen re-do in the spring using butter yellow or dark yellowy cream with glaze to accent detail....
    • Mary D Audubon, NJ
      Robin J One of these days I'm going to go into a screaming fit and tear down every blasted piece of wall paneling and ceiling tiles in this damned apartment! I'll blame it on hormones!
  • Julie Moyna Santa Clarita, CA
    @annette c, it's for my crafting. I decided to line the little drawers with some old Saturday evening post mags from the 1940's! (Not really, I'm scanning and decoupaging the pics. I can't part with originals)
  • Jan B Gilbert, AZ
    I love everything about this! Mostly I love that your husband found it and grabbed it! I'm constantly on the hunt for something like this. I've always loved what I call "the apothecary look"; lots of little drawers. Really nice.
  • LInda Pemberton Pflugerville, TX
    That's beautiful!! Don't change the hardware. Keep the original pulls. Soooo cute!!!!
  • Darcy Green Bay, WI
    DON'T change the drawer pulls...it is charming just as it is now. I would love one of these for a jewelry box.........nice make over. Tell you husband to keep finding treasures.
  • Annette C Shreveport, LA
    I thought you would like to see this, it's close to yours & you won't believe the price! 1800.00
  • Sue P. Kingsport, TN
    My husband and I just purchased a 45-drawer card catalog at a school auction for $472. Yours was definitely a great buy! You did a beautiful job refinishing it, too.
    • Julie Moyna Santa Clarita, CA
      Sue P. WOW! That is a massive piece. I love it...are you going to paint or leave alone? That is a lot of $$$ We bought a few last week along with shop stools for, I don't even want to tell
  • Sandie Canada
    Julie, Love what you have done with your Library cabinet. I acquired one of these wonderful vintage cabinets a number of years back. Mine has the stand, and top, 2 sections with 15 drawers, 1 section with 10 drawers, and 2 sections with the slider
    • Julie Moyna Santa Clarita, CA
      Sandie ours didn't have the trays. it is in 2 sections. the legs and then the top clicks in and I just love. I am lining the drawers in old newspaper and ads from the 40's and 50's! I love all
  • Sandie Canada
    Hi there Julie, Great idea. I have been slowly taking the metal rods out of the drawers, and placing a layer of pressed cardboard at the bottom of each drawer. Once I have them all done, I've been planning to Podgy some vintage fabric to the cardboard.
  • Sue P. Kingsport, TN

    I typed a response on my iPad then it disappeared, so not sure you got it. We will leave the card catalog as is as it's in