Best Looking Dewey Decimal System Ever!

Furniture Ideas 01.28.16
Hubby grabbed this index catalog cabinet at the local flea for $60.09! I was a little taken back...the veneer was peeling and a lot of wear. (Sorry no before pics...). But I cam home and he had already replaced veneer and filled in spots and had made his own yellow chalk paint from an oops can from Home Depot! It was bright to say the least! I got to work with AS clear and dark wax and the transformation was better than I had imagined! I loved it! I kept the hardware plain because I wasn't sure what or how to change the metal...but here is finished piece with some during the process.

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  • Traci J
    Traci J Warner Robins, GA
    I have also been told School system surplus sales are another great place to look. I found my 30 drawer library at the Worlds largest yard sale for $175 and I thought I did good, your find was great
  • Marla Rafuse
    A crafter's dream storage unit!! Very nice!!
  • Glenna Williams
    Glenna Williams Walkertown, NC
    It is wonderful, what a wonderful find, and I love the color and the brass handles, It looks wonderful , you lucky lady....
  • Lilian
    Lilian United Kingdom
    Ever so glad you did not do what others seem to like and paint it white, so unreal. This cabinet is perfect and the colour is like beech wood. Keep the handles as they are and as previously recommended put labels on with details of contents.
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    Great find....Great job!
  • Lynn Clugston
    Lynn Clugston Rolla, MO
    It looks great as is. My first thought was to pai nt the handles black, but on second thought I like it the way it is.
  • Sherry Poore
    Sherry Poore Oceanside, CA
    I have on that came from the school I worked at when they went computer in the library. I got rid on the base and took out the rods in the drawers. it sits on my oak lateral filing cabinet, stuffed with just all kinds of stuff. love it, wish i had taken
  • Robbie Gipson
    Robbie Gipson Florence, AL
    Love it, $60.00 well spent !
  • Chris J
    Chris J Grand Rapids, MI
    I remember the old card catalogs from my high school and college days. You did a beautiful job on bring it back to life.
  • Grace Hitt
    Grace Hitt Hopkins, MI
    For anyone looking for one, you might want to check with older libraries especially small town libraries. A lot of those where used for index cards with information on the books that where on the shelves. Contents of the books, author, location of where
  • Laurie Cann
    Laurie Cann Stone Mountain, GA
  • Laurie K
    Laurie K Canada
    Very cool handles! Now you can put little labels in the rectangular part of the handles to tell you what is inside each drawer. That is what I would do. And this cabinet would be great in a sewing or craft room. You could put all sorts of wonerful small
  • Annette Yach
    Annette Yach Wisconsin Rapids, WI
    The handles look great as is. Beautiful project! Now what are you going to store in them?
  • A
    A Manhattan, KS
    If you managed to get it for 60 you did very well
  • Sabrina Goodson
    Sabrina Goodson Idyllwild, CA
    LOVE it!!!! You did a great job!! I want to find one!! I have wanted one for a long time!!
Julie Moyna