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Pallet Coat Rack

  • 10h
  • $25
  • Medium
My mud room is literally a “mud” room. I had a cheap particle board shelf that I used for shoes, hats, gloves & the dog’s leash but it would collapse on a regular basis. I looked around for something inexpensive to replace the shelf that could also accommodate coats but couldn't find that piece that was “just right”. I decided to take some measurements & build what I was looking for.
My design, with my brother’s tools & know-how, we worked together & this was our result.
This took about 8 free pallets & a few purchased 2x4s. We made a frame out of the 2x4s & then covered all of them with the reclaimed pallet material.

Got a question about this project?

  • Anthony
    Anthony Williamsburg, VA

    Are there any plans for this

  • Fred
    Fred San Diego, CA

    Nicely done Kate. Thx for sharing your ideas and skills.

  • Jelaine-Jodi Barton

    Thanks, great job! Plan on building one.

  • Monica
    Monica Sarasota, FL

    Great work, love it.

  • Andrew Nevermann
    Andrew Nevermann Hiawatha, IA

    Going to build one for myself. Awesome idea and great job!!! Also, thanks for sharing!

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