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DIY Custom Wooden Drawer Organizers

Hi, I'm Christene from the blog Keys to Inspiration. My blog is all about helping you discover creative, simple, and affordable ways to design a home you love!

Today I want to share my latest home DIY project - our custom wooden drawer organizers. One of my passions is DIYing things for our home and teaching others how to DIY too! Even if you don't think you're a DIY person, I can show you how easy it is to create amazing things for your home on a budget.

Custom drawer organizers for you home can be extremely expensive. I've wanted to get some of our kitchen drawers organized for a while now, but I was never comfortable paying the crazy prices for some of those really nice organizers.

The solution -- DIY ones ourselves! Let me show you how to make these amazing organizers using just a few materials.

Time: 2 Hours Cost: $40 Difficulty: Easy
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
First, empty out your drawer and start organizing the items. Figure out which items actually belong in the drawer and start grouping them by type.
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
Once you have an idea of what will go into the drawer, start placing the items by type into the drawer to get an idea of how you want them to be organized. This will give you an outline of the compartments for your item and will help you figure out where your wooden dividers will go.
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
Next, measure around all of the items you placed in the drawer to figure out how big each compartment will be. We found that the best way to do this was to measure the largest item in that compartment and add some additional space around that item. We also took into account the thickness of the boards that we would be using for the dividers (1/4"). Use a piece of paper to draw the dividers and write down your measurements as you go. Use a piece of paper to draw the dividers and write down your measurements as you go.
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
Once you have a plan sketched out on a piece of paper for your dividers, it's time to cut out all of the pieces.

Before we started cutting, we first made a cut list. A cut list is basically just what it sounds like - a list of all the sized pieces that you need to cut. When making a cut list, be sure to write down the largest pieces first and then the small pieces after. That way when you are cutting, you don't run out of wood.

To cut our wood pieces, we used our miter saw. But since the wood for this project is relatively thin, you could also just use a handsaw. This is a great, and more budget-friendly option if you don't have a miter saw. We use ours all the time for smaller projects.

To see exactly how we cut and measured the pieces, read the full blog post by clicking on the link at the end of this post.
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
After all of the pieces were cut out, we brought everything into the kitchen and dry-fit them into the drawer.

We used a pencil to mark all of the places where a board intersected another board. That way we could assemble the pieces outside of the drawer and would know where to put the glue.

Here's the dry fit of the silverware drawer:
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
Once we had a layout we liked and all the pencil marks where the boards intersected each other, we started creating the compartments.

Using our sketch from before and the pencil markings as a reference, we started attaching the boards together using {affiliate} Loctite glue.
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
This {affiliate} square tool was perfect for keeping the pieces at right angles while gluing them together.
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
We let each piece dry for a few minutes so that it wouldn’t fall apart. Then we moved the compartments into the drawer and used the Loctite glue again to attach the compartments to the sides of each drawer.
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
Some of the pieces had to be glued individually once the main compartment structure was in place.

Every drawer layout will be different, so the best way to assemble the dividers is to place the largest component first and then build onto the structure from there.
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
After everything was dried, we were finished!
Below you can see our finished silverware wooden drawer dividers.
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
And here's the drawer filled with all of our silverware.
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
And finally, our cooking utensils drawer!
  • diy custom wooden drawer organizers
These wooden drawer organizers turned out exactly how I imagined! Perfectly fit for each drawer.
Now there is a compartment for everything and each item has a designated place. We decided to keep the wood unfinished because it makes the dividers look like they came with the drawers, just like a custom design.

These custom drawer organizers are perfect for kitchen drawers, but can also be used in so many different places in your home. I’ve got so many ideas for where I could use them in the future. And, because you create the layout, the options are limitless.

You can see the full DIY tutorial for the DIY Custom Wooden Drawer Organizers on the blog. Just click on the link at the end of this post.

>> Christene

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Materials I used for this project:

  • Unfinished Poplar Boards
  • Loctite
  • Measuring Tape
See all materials

To see more: http://www.keystoinspiration.com/diy-custom-wooden-drawer-organizers/

  • Ann Whitfield
    Ann Whitfield Las Vegas, NV

    I did a similar design for my husbands soak drawer and my tee shirt drawer and underwear drawer. Now I'm inspirited and I'll do the utility drawer next. It's a mess at the moment. Thanks.

  • Sasha
    Sasha Brooklyn, NY

    Very nice, $40? How many drawers did you do? If one, even two $40 a little too much.

  • Tamra
    Tamra San Antonio, TX

    I did say it was nice project. and it was just my "thought" ..that's why I like this place -the "give & take " of very cool projects & idea's for everyone. And most people are nice & respectful! :-) Have a great Day!

  • Mary Coakley
    Mary Coakley Ireland

    This is inspired they are every bit as beautiful as what you purchase in stores

  • Dona
    Dona Chicago, IL

    These are better than stores! Custom made and designed to fit your drawers. I just love them! My hubby made these for my old cabinets a few years ago and I've gotten tons of compliments on them. Now I have new cabinets the the old inserts just

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