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Painting Dining Room Furniture

It is amazing what paint can do! When no one wanted to buy my dining room set for anything close to it's value, I decided I had nothing to lose by painting it. I wasn't really the look I had planned when I was going to update the room but regardless, I am thrilled with the outcome. Funnily, now I could probably sell it!
Time: 5 Days Difficulty: Medium
Check out my update at http://www.nicerthannew.com/2015/03/dining-room-update-granny-fresh/
  • Pam Lewandowski
    Pam Lewandowski Cypress, TX


  • Elitegifts11

    Love it

  • Mariaroussel64

    I have very similar furniture so I might.Love to know the paint type and color

  • Mittie Goff
    Mittie Goff Plainview, TX

    Great ideas especially if you can find a table style you can make it to fit your style. Also this is anot "I can do project."

  • Mittie Goff
    Mittie Goff Plainview, TX

    Love this. Can make it to fit your style and an easy project to do.

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