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Flea Market Flip, Upcycled Turkey Fryer Part 2

Several weeks ago I shared with you a project that involved turning a $5 rusty turkey fryer legs into a unique side table.

The remainder of the fryer, the part where the hose is attached, got tossed in the trash.
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $5 Difficulty: Easy
So here it is, a couple weeks later and I’m emptying the trash and I see the remains of the turkey fryer.

Hmmmm…I really do like the holes on this thing. It’s a nice size and it has personality.

OK, now I’m scavenging from my own trashcan!

Could I use it for something? First I had to see how hard it would be to get it apart.  Even I had no use for the gas hose sticking out of the fryer.

Easy enough, there are three screws that hold the top circular piece in place.
On the bottom there were three more  screws holding the rest of the hose attachment.  These screws were so rusty that they had to be cut off.
Normally I like a bit of rust, but this one had a little too much.  I used the sanding attachment on my Angle Grinder to easily sand the rust off. You could also use an electric sander but the grinder is a little more heavy duty.
The inside ring and the inside of the rusty, holey bowl (I have no idea what you would call it) both got a coat of black spray paint.  I treated the outside of the bowl with a coat of spray polyurethane.

You probably won’t need the other ring (I’m pretty sure it was a dump find),  but it got a coat of Hammered Metal Spray Paint..
The feet were made from wood slices screwed  from above thru the preexisting holes.
I used Gorilla glue  to reattach the ring back to the pot and the metal ring just sits on top of the turkey fryer bowl. My bowl was just a bit too small to sit on the rim of the turkey fryer.
And now to see what we are making...a diy fondue pot!
Hope you have a chance to head on over to my blog. I have two more uses for the same pot, lots more pictures and the recipe for the cheesy fondue. It was incredibly delicious.

To see more: http://scavengerchic.com/2017/06/12/upcycled-turkey-fryer-part-2/

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