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Fairy Stump House

We cut down a pine tree next to our house... and I thought what can we do with the stump??? a table....??? ah ha... a fairy house for our 2 yr old granddaughter!!
Time: 5 Months Cost: $150 Difficulty: Medium
  • fairy stump house
First my husband cut out a doorway.... and a little door
this was a project I wanted to take my time and find just the right things to add to the fairy house stump.
  • fairy stump house
Next I cut out a little stairway... then cleared around the stump of grass etc.
I put down weed barrier, before adding faux grass(moss) and stones etc.
as it is outdoors. I spray glued and dusted doorway and stairs with diamond dust. and I little upholstery tack as a door knob.. and I wood dowel with a upholstery tack to look like a lantern at the doorway.
  • fairy stump house
this is how it was being put together... the lawn man totaled most of my decor stuff the first time he weed eated including my solar lights.. I was none to happy. so had to make some changes. I had to also dig a trench to put in a barrier so we can weed eat around it to keep it nice. and so lawn man does not destroy it.
  • fairy stump house
coming together nicely... afterward I think we will drill a hole from the back to put a solar light in to make it look like the fairy is home at night. FYI the moss grass is glued down to the weed barrier and it has been exposed to wind,rain, and sun, and is holding up very well. in the next pic. you can see that the moss grass has browned but it is still intact.. I believe I could spray paint it green it it needed it.
  • fairy stump house
Almost finished gotta get the hubby to build a pitched roof on top of the stump for some shade.... and I have to install the upstairs door with balcony and window ( you can see it laying a the doorway.) that somehow I am determined to add a solar light in for night time imagination.... wish me luck. I enjoyed this so much I hope my granddaughter enjoys it as well for many yrs.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Blue glass beads, bag of decor sand,turtle   (Dollar store)
  • Fairy decor,trees,flowers,moss   (Michaels, and where ever i found smalls)
  • Border, bark,solar lights   (Lowes)
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  • Sidney Rippy McLaughlin
    Sidney Rippy McLaughlin Whitesboro, TX
    on Jul 2, 2017

    I love it! I have a huge stump in my front yard. I've been thinking of doing that.

  • Donald Eisenbarth
    Donald Eisenbarth
    on Jul 2, 2017

    Yes, REALLY, It may be different where you live but in other locals government handouts have reduced the working people to almost none. Real gardeners, landscapers; etc. are working full time for corporations and businesses.

  • Hotheadzmarine.williamson
    Hotheadzmarine.williamson Crosby, TX
    on Jul 3, 2017

    Thanks. And good luck

  • Jenny
    Jenny United Kingdom
    on Jul 9, 2017

    This is a lovely fairy house. I hope your granddaughter enjoys playing with it as much as you and grandad enjoyed making it. Oh and sack your "lawn man"!!! Doesn't he have a name?

  • Linda
    Linda Plymouth, IN
    on Jul 25, 2017

    I love it.. I just saw on similar that was made up like " Old Mother Hubbard" fable and it was also adorable. Now I wish we would have saved the 150 yr old tree that was in our back yard, Well the STUMP at least!

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