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Guest Bedroom Before & After with Craigslist Furniture

Our guest room is a small, rectangular room with a small window and closet - pretty much a just a plain box. And sadly, it was really more of a storage room for art and other wall decor that was no longer in use. In fact, my husband used to refer to the room as "the place that art goes to die." All of the basic amenities were in place for my guests, but the room was cluttered with a lot of other junk, too. Plus, it didnt really have a style.
So, I set about to makeover the room using some furniture I had found on Craigslist. I'm so happy with the results and think my guests will much prefer this new room to the old!
Please visit my blog for more pictures and details, plus a list of resources used in the room: http://tidbitsandtwine.com/guest-room-makeover-reveal/

To see more: http://tidbitsandtwine.com/guest-room-makeover-reveal/

Got a question about this project?

  • Kathy Sorrentino
    Kathy Sorrentino Providence, RI

    it's just beautiful

  • Lorraine
    Lorraine Huntington, NY

    What color paint did you use?

  • Linda Leach
    Linda Leach Somerville, NJ

    Thanks! Just love it....Also, I love the metal "screen" you used instead of glass. It's exactly what I'd like for a china cupboard I'm redoing. I don't want to use radiator screening you find in Home stores. Where did you find it and what is it

    • Jennifer Emick
      Jennifer Emick Ypsilanti, MI

      @Linda Leach Looks like it came with the cabinet. It's usually called French wire and you can get it at places like Rockler or Walzcraft. :)

  • Linda
    Linda Hackettstown, NJ

    Lovely. The whole room looks very cosy!

  • Kathy
    Kathy Castle Rock, CO

    it's super cool to see someone take something old and make it there own. The light cords take away from the over all look for me. Maybe the cords could be painted the color of the wall.

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