Where can I find information on building a brick mailbox?

  • Paul M
    Paul M Fairburn, GA
    If you build a masonry type mail box make a good footer and then use mortar to fill some of the cells of your block base, at least the corners, and tie it to the footer. We have had several incidents in Fairburn where the brick mailboxes have been hit by
  • Ellen C
    Ellen C Chesapeake, VA
    Elizabeth...be aware the depending on your street classification in Va Bch, there are restrictions on constructing a "fixed object" within the public right of way....where the majority of mailboxes are placed. Brick mailboxes do not offer a "break away"
  • Creative Mailbox Planters
    Greetings Kimberly, Are you guys still hanging around N.Cal.? Your making some great changes to homes. We always have a flower bed or a large container around the post of the mailboxes, it really does tie the whole thing together and looks very "curb
  • Kimberly Lacy
    Kimberly Lacy Decatur, GA
    @Teresa we are. Love it!
  • Creative Mailbox Planters
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Elizabeth L