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Cedar 4x4 Greenhouse

This is a cedar greenhouse I built last year in my yard .It is 10 ft wide by 11 1/2 ft long . I had some extra lumber laying around so this is what I decided to make :-)
Time: 1 Weeks Cost: $1600 Difficulty: Easy
I started by using 4 pressure treated 4x4s for the bottom plates of the frame .
I did half lap joints on the bottom of the frame .
The height of the walls are 6 ft .Once they were in place I plumbed them up and made sure everything is square and level .
next step was adding the main roof frame .
I added all the 4x4s afterwards once I knew how wide the plastic sheets were so it would be less cutting . I added cedar trim pieces so the plastic could be attached . I used 1 x 6 cedar for the bottom section .
I filled in the rest of the roof rafters then added the rest of the plastic .I also added 2 roof vents at the top of the roof .
I also added removable shelving to the inside of the green house .
Once the plastic was done I added the double door to the front .
We were still getting snow in early spring :-(

Materials I used for this project:

  • Cedar   (Amish sawmill)
  • Corrigated plastic   (home depot)
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