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Updating an Old Picture Frame With Unicorn Spit, Sea Glass and Shells

I am always buying old picture frames at garage sales - especially any with ornate designs or raised detail on them. This one I had a vision for.....
Time: 10 Days Cost: $10 Difficulty: Medium
Plain gold frame to start - I loved the detail
I painted the frame with Mod Podge to help the unicorn spit adhere better -
Once the Mod Podge was dry, I mixed a little glitter with my Zia Teal Unicorn spit.
Using a small brush I started painting the frame
I wanted some of the original gold to show thru so once the unicorn spit was applied I lightly wet a paper towel and wiped off the raised design
Once the frame was dry I sealed it with Spar Urethane - My vision for the frame was to hang it in my beachy bathroom so I wanted to make sure I used a water resistant sealer. Remember with Unicorn Spit it must be an oil based sealer
Next I took the glass from the picture frame and sprayed it with diluted zia teal and white ning. You mix your unicorn spit in a dollar store spray bottle with a 7 to 1 dilution. 7 water to 1 spit. I lightly misted the entire glass with white ning and then added streaks of zia teal. How you set the spray determines the coverage. Once done you have to let it dry thoroughly and it takes a while. You can use a heat gun if you're impatient. I basically walked away from this one for a few days to make sure it was dry..
When I thought it was dry enough I reached for Rustoleum Triple Thick Glaze spray sealer. I wanted a shiny, glossy look. Well......that didn't happen.
For some reason the glaze caused the unicorn spit to crinkle. It wasn't my intent, but it did end up making a really cool effect so I decided to go with it...
I used beach glass and crushed shells next - got both of these at Joann Fabric. E6000 and a paintbrush were used to glue each beach glass stone on individually to the corner of the glass from the frame
First I laid out my design and then individually painted the backs of each piece with the E6000 glue and pressed them in place.
For the crushed shells I painted sections of glue on the glass and sprinkled the shells onto the glue. Little by little I built the corner and the "wave". Once it was dry I turned it upside down and whatever didn't stick came off.
Done. I let this one sit for a long time to make sure the glue was fully cured and everything was really adhered well. No sealer necessary on the stones or the shells. I am tickled on how this turned out - crinkle effect and all! It was challenging working with the glue but I'm happy with the result....

Materials I used for this project:

  • Picture Frame   (Garage sale)
  • Unicorn spit, E6000 glue, Spar Urethane, brushes
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