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House Frame Floor Bed, Montessori Inspired

Hi Pinterest inspired moms and dads! I raise my two children in a Montessori approach that nurtures independence from infancy. All the toys and art supplies are accessible, wall art is at children's eye level, little ones are always by my side cooking, washing dishes, watering their garden and sleeping on the floor... Well, not exactly on the floor! I'm also a former fashion and home decor buyer and I bring my style to more simple Montessori spaces. I hope you enjoy this DIY that took my very handy husband about 2 weekends. All the dimensions are for the crib size mattress!
Time: 2 Weeks Cost: $100 Difficulty: Medium
House Frame:
Cut 4 2*4 beams to 4 ft tall with 45 degree angle
Cut 2 2*4 beams 30 in long to go in between the posts of the frame
Cut 4 2*4 beams 26,5 in long for the roof frame with 45 degree angle

Sand all the beams. Attach with screws, then stain.
Sides and railing:

Cut 6 2*4 beams 53 in long
Cut 1 1*2 beam 53 in long for the roof.

BTW railing is optional you can save yourself some sweat and time and just do 4 beams and put a mattress on the floor in between. See the video for the railings instructions. The height of the railing depends on height of your mattress. You will be using 1*2 beams, make sure to space them out close enough for safety reasons.
We predrilled all the holes in the garage to minimize the mess and than put it together in the bedroom.
Now that the bed is complete we are posting a video tour of the whole room which includes a few more cool DIY's like a mountain mural that you see in the background. Like, Subscribe and Share!

Xoxo Mariya

Materials I used for this project:

  • Lumber   (Home Depot)
  • Stain   (Home Depot)
  • Brushes   (Home Depot)
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