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Mobile Home Bathroom Makeover

Making over a bathroom and unable to replace the sink countertop combo, my hubs and I got creative with contact paper, spray paint and porch and patio paint.... total cost, less than $400.
Time: 4 Days Cost: $375 Difficulty: Easy
Running off to the big box hardware store, we picked up some spray paint in black gloss and metallic silver. We then bought a pint of gloss black latex paint and a gallon of Behr low-lustre porch and patio paint. We bought 4 rolls of arabesque style contact paper in black and white, 2 rolls of teal, and 7, yes 7 rolls of diamond plate contact paper. Also bought 5 packs of peel and stick tiles.
I started with the contact paper after cleaning the walls and ceiling. It's easy to work with and sticks really well. While I handled that, hubby sanded the drawers and started with spray painting the them. Took two coats! I "tiled" first and then continued with the rest of the contact paper. I then sanded the cabinets and we painted them with the can of gloss black. While I worked on the ceiling, hubby worked on painting the drawer pulls in the metallic silver. I finished up with a double coat of the low lustre porch and patio paint. I used a brush rather than a roller and painted right over the outdated vinyl laminate. Overnight to dry and final step was hanging the $20 chandelier from Home Depot. I used a couple of flower pots I had on hand, for hand towels and soap and lotion rather than a shelf. The mirror and cabinet were already on hand and we had leftover paint from another project. Painting those in the teal really made the bathroom pop! The teal shelving is from the cabinet, just turned on the side. The total time, 4 days with waiting for the paint to dry.
Clean up time and a glass of wine 😀

Materials I used for this project:

  • Spray paint in gloss black, metallic silver   (Home Depot)
  • Pint can of gloss black and gallon can of porch and patio paint   (Home Depot)
  • 5 packs of peel and stick tiles, 4 rolls of arabesque style contact paper, 2 rolls of teal and 7 rolls of diamond plate contact paper   (Home Depot)
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