Seed Envelope Valentines

  • Birgit
    Birgit Portland, OR
    I love Canada <3 ! And, I read up on it. So it really is illegal, but seriously...this is an act of spreading joy! So embrace it :-) !
  • Charlotte Belange
    I think this is a great idea. In my complex your mail goes in locked boxes,

    so we put things on the door. I'm going to do this with long lasting seeds.

  • Carol Keskeny
    Carol Keskeny Florence, MT
    Forget the mailbox thing, enjoy the idea, which is a splendid way to show the love to your neighbors. Maybe put a string on the envelope and tie it to the handle of the mailbox or come up with another creative idea to pass them out. Thank you for giving
  • Patti @Garden Matter
    Patti @Garden Matter Pittsburgh, PA
    Such a cute idea. Such a sucker for pretty packaging.
  • Amy Cassidy
    Amy Cassidy Houston, TX
    I love this idea for my kids school! I'm always looking for an alternative option to giving candy. And this is something they can help me make! Thanks!
Stephanie @ Garden Therapy