• Arlene Glass
    Arlene Glass Rantoul, IL
    It is illegal to put anything in mailboxes! It is for stamped mail only.
    • Stephanie @ Garden Therapy
      As a gardener, I drop of gifts from my garden to the neighbours all the time. Zucchini, plums, seeds, handmade soap, etc. These are my friends and my community and I think it makes us all more friendly. I know I have opened my door to find hand-me-downs
  • Linda L
    Linda L Saginaw, MI
    Wonderful idea Stephanie. TY so much for the printable. Think I'll hook up some of my neighbors with Morning Glory and Hibiscus seeds harvested last fall.
  • Patty Jones
    Patty Jones Dayton, OH
    It's a postal service thing, people. It's illegal! Like others who leave items at our door, just affix this nice item onto the doorknob or place inside the storm door.
  • Arlene Glass
    Arlene Glass Rantoul, IL
    I worked for the USPS for 37 years, So sorry you think I am uptight..... Think about it, why have stamps if if anyone could just put whatever in each other's mailbox. It is regulations, mail boxes are not to be used that way. I was instructed to remove
    • Linda L
      Linda L Saginaw, MI
      Arlene Glass For MANY years my neighbors & I exchanged our Christmas gifts via our mailboxes. 20 yrs no problem. Then we got an up-tight mail carrier who one year removed our
  • Stephanie @ Garden Therapy
    Thanks for sharing your opinions. It's good to know that not everyone appreciates receiving surprises in their mailbox. I will ensure that I keep to just those who I know to avoid any issues.
  • Renew-create-restore
    I have never heard of the illegal thing, that is crazy (no disrespect)! I'm another Canadian and here, we own our mailboxes and have the right to use them as we like. We all leave stuff in each others mailboxes all of the time. Do they seriously charge
  • Deb Titus
    Deb Titus Canada
    Thank you, Stephanie.
  • Birgit
    Birgit Portland, OR
    I love Canada <3 ! And, I read up on it. So it really is illegal, but seriously...this is an act of spreading joy! So embrace it :-) !
  • Charlotte Belange
    I think this is a great idea. In my complex your mail goes in locked boxes,

    so we put things on the door. I'm going to do this with long lasting seeds.

  • Carol Keskeny
    Carol Keskeny Florence, MT
    Forget the mailbox thing, enjoy the idea, which is a splendid way to show the love to your neighbors. Maybe put a string on the envelope and tie it to the handle of the mailbox or come up with another creative idea to pass them out. Thank you for giving
  • Patti @Garden Matter
    Patti @Garden Matter Pittsburgh, PA
    Such a cute idea. Such a sucker for pretty packaging.
  • Amy Cassidy
    Amy Cassidy Houston, TX
    I love this idea for my kids school! I'm always looking for an alternative option to giving candy. And this is something they can help me make! Thanks!
Stephanie @ Garden Therapy