Faux Granite Painted Counters, With Craft Paint!

house 05.15.16
My husband and I have been slowly updating our '90s house, on a very limited budget. After painting our kitchen cabinets and adding our homemade island, our kitchen was starting to look how we wanted it. Except for the counter tops (which we thought were white until we painted our cabinets and found out they looked very yellow next to the fresh white paint!). We couldn't afford to replace them completely and were excited to come across Giani's Faux Granite paint kits. They were still about $80 a kit...a good bit of change for this frugal girl.

After a lot of research, I decided to follow a few other brave souls and use craft paint instead, which brought our cost down to about $30 total! I put down 2 coats of primer, then sponged on 5 colors of craft paint (this part was a little nerve wrecking) and topped it with 4 coats of polycrylic. It took me only a day and a half and the results were FAR better than either of us expected. While I know it isn't granite, it's amazing how close it looks to stone. For the small price and little bit of effort, this was a great solution for our kitchen.


I should have added more information on the process, so here is a little more detail:

Time: 1 Day Cost: $30 Difficulty: Easy

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  • Trish Davenport
    Trish Davenport Edgewater, FL
    Absolutely a KILLER job. They did take on the look of granite. Love the color choices.
  • Rose
    rose Davenport, FL
    I did this process to my countertop over five years ago and it still looks great! The only MainTenace I had to do was reapply polyurethane.
  • Intelletta
    Intelletta Montgomery, IN
    I also did the Giani project over 5 years ago to a old gold counter top.... I have never been sorry. Counter top still holding up well!
  • Intelletta
    Intelletta Montgomery, IN
    I just wipe mine down with a soapy rag and dry off and they still shine. I have not reapplied poly either!
  • Molly F
    Molly F Pittsford, NY
    Awesome job - now if I just had your gumption!
Carissa Harris