Faux Granite Painted Counters, With Craft Paint!

kitchen remodel 7 days ago
My husband and I have been slowly updating our '90s house, on a very limited budget. After painting our kitchen cabinets and adding our homemade island, our kitchen was starting to look how we wanted it. Except for the counter tops (which we thought were white until we painted our cabinets and found out they looked very yellow next to the fresh white paint!). We couldn't afford to replace them completely and were excited to come across Giani's Faux Granite paint kits. They were still about $80 a kit...a good bit of change for this frugal girl.

After a lot of research, I decided to follow a few other brave souls and use craft paint instead, which brought our cost down to about $30 total! I put down 2 coats of primer, then sponged on 5 colors of craft paint (this part was a little nerve wrecking) and topped it with 4 coats of polycrylic. It took me only a day and a half and the results were FAR better than either of us expected. While I know it isn't granite, it's amazing how close it looks to stone. For the small price and little bit of effort, this was a great solution for our kitchen.


I should have added more information on the process, so here is a little more detail:

Time: 1 Day Cost: $30 Difficulty: Easy
  • Sandy Smith
    Sandy Smith Dallas, TX
    What was the material of the original fabric? I have sole stone that was in the house when we purchased it and I don't like the colors but replacing it is too expensive I would love to paint over them. Do you know if this would work on Sile Stone?
  • Peggy B
    Peggy B Houston, TX
    beautiful restoration of your kitchen...tough job but what an accomplishment....
  • Kimberly Mims
    Kimberly Mims Baltimore, MD
    The job you did with the counters is magnificent,but I would love to know if you upcycled those jugs into the hanging lights and if so is there a tutorial?
  • Liliana Wells
    Liliana Wells Jackson, GA
    Love your kitchen. I too am considering redoing my counter-tops. Giani's website says "the cure time for GIANI is approximately two weeks to achieve its full hardness". Did you have to wait two weeks to use your counter-tops? Thanks
    • Carissa Harris
      Carissa Harris Canton, GA
      Liliana Wells I didn't wait two weeks, but I did wait a few days. It's important to let it cure, but I think the can of polycrylic said it would take just a few days. I would just
  • Liliana Wells
    Liliana Wells Jackson, GA
    Thanks again.
  • SK Sartell, Pro
    SK Sartell, Pro Salem, OR
    Nice job. Faux granite is nerve-wracking at the best of times. Great outcome and so much nicer than old Formica anytime. sk
  • TMulhern
    TMulhern Los Angeles, CA
    Excellent job. Your countertop looks very pretty and perfectly matches with your cabinets.
    Recap: sand, primer, white paint then sponge on 3 color then poly? what brand poly? If a stain gets on them (say Mustard) how do you get it off without scrubbing some of the poly off?
    • Carissa Harris
      Carissa Harris Canton, GA
      KATHLEEN QUINLAN I sanded and primed, and then started putting my paint colors directly over the primer. I used 5 colors. Then I used Polycrylic by Minwax. It's pretty
  • Cherie
    Cherie Cleburne, TX
    I did this same thing with my guest bathroom counter. It's not very big and I figured if it got screwed up, no big deal! But it turned out great! I used white, black, brown and blended it a little more than you did. Then I put in streaks of glitter - the
    • Carissa Harris
      Carissa Harris Canton, GA
      Cherie I am about to do the same thing in my bathrooms, I love that it looks like granite but it WAY cheaper. And more fun to "install". :) What is Envirotex and where can I find it?
  • Cherie
    Cherie Cleburne, TX
    Envirotex is a two-part clear resin that's used to make lakes, rivers, etc. on model railroads. It can also be used to pour over a piece of wood (as in a table top) with things embedded in it as it is very thick. It's a little tricky to use and from what
    • Carissa Harris
      Carissa Harris Canton, GA
      Cherie Interesting, I had never heard of it before. Polyurethane would work great too, but I would only use it if I didn't use any white or light colors, as polyurethane can turn
  • Sandra Walker
    Sandra Walker Charlotte, NC
    It is very clear that no one reads anything in the column. That's the first thing we should do before we start asking any questions. The poor person that has posted their project has had to repeat their self I don't know how many times all because we
  • Jeannie Miller
    Im getting things together for counters I woll post when I start and finish at least its on my honey do list,Yes I get a list from me to me
  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Conroe, TX
    I did my counter using craft paints too. I started out with blue Formica. I used about five different shades of tan and brown, and threw in a little bergundy here and there. Everyone thought they looked great. My counters still looked good 8 years
  • Faye Wood-Bailey
    Faye Wood-Bailey New Albany, IN
    I'm from Canton. Now live in Indiana. How long have you lived there ? Thanks for sharing. W/ try this.
  • Reginamurphy51
    Looks good I might try this
Carissa Harris