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DIY Twig Wreath

With all of the storms we have had in Florida, my yard has been littered with twigs. This seemed like the perfect time for a DIY wreath. Instead of purchasing a wreath form, I simply gathered twigs from the yard and brought them in to begin making my wreath.
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $9 Difficulty: Easy
  • diy twig wreath
I began with this pile of twigs and started sorting out the straightest ones for my wreath.  I knew ahead of time I was going to make this a square wreath.  
  • diy twig wreath
This was as simple as just laying out my twigs in the shape and size that I wanted.  This is such an easy DIY wreath.
  • diy twig wreath
I continued to lay out the twigs in my square pattern using multiple twigs on each side.  I just kept building it up until I was happy with how the wreath was beginning to look.
  • diy twig wreath
I decided the best choice to put this together with was Gorilla Wood Glue.  I started by adding glue to any spot wherever my twigs touched each other.
  • diy twig wreath
In spots like this where the twigs crossed,  I added a generous amount of the Gorilla Glue.   Gorilla wood glue dries a natural color so it won’t show up at all on your finished wreath.  Make sure that your wreath is firm to the touch and none of the twigs wiggle or you will need to add additional glue.  If your wreath is not firm, add additional twigs for stability.  
  • diy twig wreath
I was pleased, when I hung up my wreath that it was strong enough to hang from a Command hook and it was completely secure, ready to be adorned.  
  • diy twig wreath
The natural look of the twigs is what I want to see when I look at this wreath, so  I needed to add very little embellishment.  I simply added two artificial burlap and fabric hydrangea blossoms.  I glued them securely with Gorilla glue.  I added three of the leaves from the hydrangeas and a simple burlap ribbon.  
  • diy twig wreath
I first hung this on on my door on an angle.  This is not how I planned on displaying it, but it certainly could be hung this way.
  • diy twig wreath
What do you think?  Should I display it square or at the angle?  I had the Gorilla Glue on hand, so all I needed to make this wreath was two faux hydrangea blossoms and a $1 roll of burlap ribbon!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Twigs   (Gathered from the yard.)
  • Artificial Blooms   (Joann's)
  • Gorilla Glue   (Amazon)
See all materials

To see more: http://celebrateanddecorate.com/diy-wreath/

  • Joan Pushard
    Joan Pushard
    4 days ago

    I love it both ways! Thank you for sharing .Plan on making one this wek end.

  • Dreeter
    4 days ago

    Glueing makes for a more random design. I made a spring one using Hydrangeas and greenery. Hot glue is so handy and I made the mistake of using it on my wreath. If it were to have been hung inside it would have been fine. It was hung on a door facing west....afternoon temps. up in the high 90's made the glue true to it's name, HOT, it melted and flowers slowly fell to floor. I used a different glue and lesson learned. Hot glue melts, even in the sunshine.

  • Suzi Q Maloney
    Suzi Q Maloney
    4 days ago


  • Marlene Shore
    Marlene Shore
    4 days ago

    Angled looks best

  • Kontrygirl
    2 days ago

    Thank you for sharing I loved it so I made one.

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