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  • Brooke Duluth, MN
    why not get chalkboard paint for the little label squares . then all you do is wipe clean after the season.
  • Heidi Colton Enterprise, AL
    wonderful idea!
  • Diane Frisco Jacksonville, FL
    where did you get the labels?
  • Wanda.ll Conroe, TX
    Let me tell you a secret. If you want your pots to last you have to paint the inside with a polyuerthane(sp) of some kind( heavy duty thick coat). The moisture from the dirt will cause all the paint to pop off. Now if you don't water the plant it might
  • Where do you get the chalkboard labels at? I would love them for my kitchen containers. Would use chalkboard paint for the pots:)
  • Diane Frisco Jacksonville, FL
    I found the chalkboard labels at Michaels.