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Paint Your Outdoor Wash Table

My family and I were so incredibly blessed to find this beautiful peace of property in Northern British Columbia, Canada! We have owned this 1/2 acre for about 12 years and have put our hearts and souls into it by adding a driveway and culvert, a travel trailer, a guest cabin, an outhouse, a covered seating area, and a wash table. You may or may not have a peace of property, but you might have a table you would like to paint. Here are some instructions from start to finish to make your own!
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $30 Difficulty: Easy
Here is our brand new wash table with no paint. There is a sink on one end with a hot water on demand unit, attached to a giant plastic water cooler. It's a little Mickey Mouse but it works perfectly as far as I'm concerned!!
I bought a small can of flat finish exterior paint and had some nice rustic brown coloring called Icy Landscape added to it. I purchased the paint from Rona Home Centre. It's the perfect color for our outdoor decor!
Here is the first coat. The color is hard too see but I think that's the point of matching the outdoors, isnt it? I painted the top of the table because it is untreated plywood. The rest of it is treated lumber and I think it looks good with no paint.
Here is my beautifully finished table. I even went for a nature walk afterwards and picked some wildflowers to add to my little piece of heaven!
And quite seriously, how could I forget to add this photo of my daughter enjoying the hammock with her new rainbow umbrella! Does that not just have the words relax all over it?!

Materials I used for this project:

  • 875 ml can of exterior flat finish paint color: Icy Landscape   (Rona)
  • Package of 2 paintbrushes   (Rona)
  • Rag or cloth   (Home)

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Ask the creator about this project

  • Wendy
    on Aug 9, 2017

    Nicki, your outdoor getaway looks like a dream!

  • Nicki Redekop
    Nicki Redekop Canada
    on Aug 9, 2017

    Thank you Wendy! It truly is a getaway! Aside from being a DIYer, My hubby and I also have an accounting company which we desperately need a break from after tax season!! This is truly our home away from home!

  • Kate Taylor
    Kate Taylor Glen Burnie, MD
    on Aug 13, 2017

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  • Nicki Redekop
    Nicki Redekop Canada
    on Aug 13, 2017

    I work from home as well and along with my husband, we have been able to work together and support our family! It has been amazing thank you!!

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