DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

2 hours ago
Information on Cabinet Painting:
When we moved into our new home, we knew that one of the first things on our to-do list would be the dated and dark 80s-era kitchen. Our goal was to have the look of a new high-end custom kitchen for a fraction of the cost. With a small budget and a LOT of elbow grease, we transformed the existing cabinets, added architectural details with trim and tile, and built my dream kitchen island. We are so happy with the results, I smile every time I walk into the room! #BudgetUpgrade #KitchenStorage #KitchenRenovation #KitchenMakeover #BeforeAndAfters See our blog post for more details!
We reduced the grain and painted the cabinets using a paint sprayer and a special paint product developed for cabinets. Get the details here:
Before: With a lack of natural light, the kitchen felt very dark and dated.
After: The kitchen feels light, bright, & airy.
Before: The small under-mount sink was difficult to work in. On the right side I couldn't even lay a plate flat.
After: We replaced the under-mount sink with a large Ikea Domsjo Sink. I LOVE this sink- it provides so much room to work!
Before: the oven door didn't shut all of the way, which was detrimental while baking- and the travertine backsplash never looked quite clean.
After: We had a propane line installed and replaced the dated range with an updated professional looking range. We also added an arabesque backsplash accent and a storage range hood.
My favorite part of our new kitchen is this island that we built. I absolutely love the marble (a Craigslist find!) and it's so great to have even more counter space!

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  • Debbie
    Debbie Meridianville, AL
    I love your kitchen!! One thing I for sure miss since our move has been my gas cook top. I love the look of yours. That sink is enormous and great looking. Love your island it looks perfect in your kitchen. All around great job. I wouldn't change a thing.
  • Faye Spiers
    Faye Spiers Australia
    I love it, this is my dream kitchen.
    • Nina @ Everyday Enchanting
      Faye, Aw thank you so much! Mine as well :) I never imagined that a DIY effort would turn out to be so close to what I was wishing for!!
  • Violet P
    Violet P Decatur, IN
    Love the sink. Makes the whole Kitchen feel like home
  • Barbara Williams
    Barbara Williams Casa Grande, AZ
    Nice and elegant
  • Candi K
    Candi K Louisville, KY
    Love the stainless steel appliances but would never paint my Oak cabinets!!
    • Nina @ Everyday Enchanting
      Hi Candi- I know a lot of people feel this way! I think oak cabinets are beautiful in their own way, and this look definitely isn't for everyone, but we really love it for our space. :)
  • Suzette Hagen
    Suzette Hagen Richmond, VA
    You could always add a skylight (depending on what's above your ceiling) Even a Tubular skylight would REALLY wake you up when you walked in the kitchen!!! A tubular skylight has different angle's..... so it can be installed in a different area and end
    • Nina @ Everyday Enchanting
      Suzette Hagen I SO wish we could have a skylight! :) It's right below our second floor bathrooms, unfortunately. A friend with a similar floor plan bumped out the back of her
  • Renee White
    Renee White Minden, LA
    Looks wonderful!!
  • Vicki Lozier
    Vicki Lozier Myrtle Beach, SC
    We are having our oak cabinets painted white also. I actually like the small amount of wood grain that shows through. It is much better than the plastic look of some of the composite doors we looked at when considering refacing.
    • Nina @ Everyday Enchanting
      Vicki Lozier I completely agree! Enough of our wood grain shows through that you know they are high-quality wood cabinets. We hid the grain just enough so that the color doesn't bleed through.
  • Jojo
    Jojo Canton, GA
    Beautiful job! How did you get rid of the hinges from the old cabinets?
    • Nina @ Everyday Enchanting
      Jojo, thank you so much! Changing the hinges was a bit of a process. We had to figure out the correct angle for our overlay, order the hinges, and add a filler strip around the
  • Tim D. (The Retro Den)
    Tim D. (The Retro Den) Virginia Beach, VA
    Been using canned Rustoleum Satin White... Do share more about your "special paint product developed for cabinets" Great job...
  • KimbaCakes
    KimbaCakes Mastic Beach, NY
    You went from old, dated and dingy to modern, sleek and bright! Your granite counter tops look so much better against the white. I love how you kept the oak wood floor, it adds a nice contrast. Fabulous transformation!
  • Ida
    Ida Silver Springs, NV
    I love everything about this kitchen. The only thing I would do different is the appliances. I'm not fond of stainless steel. It may be all white, but you can put in accents in colors to add more color.
    • Nina @ Everyday Enchanting
      Ida, thank you so much for your feedback and kind words! I wanted to go for fun refurbished retro appliances, but the hubby said no way- so this was the compromise ;)
  • Charlotte J
    Charlotte J Elizabethtown, KY
    While normally painting natural wood makes me cringe, I am a convert! Beautiful job, I'm sure you love being in the kitchen now!
    • Nina @ Everyday Enchanting
      Charlotte, thank you so much for your kind words! Trust me, I know what you mean- I also love wood cabinets. These cabinets were in really rough shape, and the room was very dark, so this was the best option for this situation!
  • Carol C
    Carol C Mentor, OH
    @Nina Everyday Enchanting. Nina - were you able to hide the grain marks on the oak cupboards when you painted them white. I had two painters tell me that the grain would show through. How did you manage your grain not showing?
  • Karen P
    Karen P Frankfort, IL
    Great job! You turned a 1980 kitchen into a 1940 kitchen.
Nina @ Everyday Enchanting