Our Concrete Countertops

Concrete. Things 05.09.16
We bought our home 14 years ago and the counterparts were new but cheap material.

I have always wanted to have concrete counter tops made but they want so much money I started researching and decided I can make them myself. I decided to pour it i place so I put in re-bar and framed it right on top of our existing counter.

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  • Angelia James
    Angelia James Redding, CA
    Hi Kelli, yes, I did do the back splash. I used the same slate that we used on the floors. I just broke them with a hammer and used liquid nail to adhere them to the wall and under the bar. The next day I sealed them (because otherwise the slate would
  • TMulhern
    TMulhern Los Angeles, CA
    Fabulous job. Love your kitchen especially the countertops and the backsplashes.
  • Angelia James
    Angelia James Redding, CA
    Thanks TMulhem~
  • Andre Beluchi
    Andre Beluchi Klamath Falls, OR
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  • Kknuttcracker
    Wow, amazing and beautiful work, I am truly impressed with your skills
Angelia James