Our Concrete Countertops

We bought our home 14 years ago and the counterparts were new but cheap material.

I have always wanted to have concrete counter tops made but they want so much money I started researching and decided I can make them myself. I decided to pour it i place so I put in re-bar and framed it right on top of our existing counter.

  • Sandy Daron
    Sandy Daron Spring, TX
    FANTASTIC!!! Great job!
  • Nina
    Nina Kevil, KY
    You sure have a lot of courage to tackle that project congratulations!!!!!!
  • Rose Halloran
    Rose Halloran Newmarket, NH
    Great job!
  • Debbie M
    Debbie M Weirton, WV
    I've read were someone used cement leveler to do there really thinking about it I want concrete counter tops 2
  • Debbi W
    good job! As a concrete contractor myself I think you did a great job, however there are ways to make it less messy and even faster, tricks of the trade, lol The counter is wonderful as you can sit hot things right out of the oven on it, just remember to
    • Cheryl Smith
      Cheryl Smith Culver, IN
      Debbi W We need you tips of the trade. I am wanting to do this also. I have the pretty yellow counter tops!!! UGH!
  • Cathy C
    Cathy C Red Creek, NY
    Love it and the whole kitchen! Have to say thank you for not posting another painted white boring kitchen.... hate when beautiful wood cabinets get painted and everyone seems to be doing it these days... yours is soooo much more interesting.... I'm also
  • Susan
    Susan Bellingham, WA
    Nice job!
  • Ellen B
    Ellen B Chicago, IL
    It's amazing you did that yourself! Great Job... you should be proud of yourself. I love your backsplash. I would love to get something like that. Any details?
  • CA Byam
    CA Byam Rockport, IN
    All I can say is WOW!!!!! Come down and help me!!!!!!!!!
  • Gloria Stover
    Gloria Stover Henderson, KY
    What a great accomplishment! Well Done!!!!!
  • Candace P
    Candace P Emmett, ID
    Very interesting. I have never heard of cocrete countertops.
  • Marion Nesbitt
    Nice job. Certainly solves problems where there are joins in the countertop.
  • Kelli
    Kelli Salt Rock, WV
    Did you do the backsplash yourself also??
  • Angelia James
    Angelia James Redding, CA
    Hi Kelli, yes, I did do the back splash. I used the same slate that we used on the floors. I just broke them with a hammer and used liquid nail to adhere them to the wall and under the bar. The next day I sealed them (because otherwise the slate would
  • TMulhern
    TMulhern Los Angeles, CA
    Fabulous job. Love your kitchen especially the countertops and the backsplashes.
Angelia James