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Chicken Coop - Hen Coop - Hen House Building Idea

Hello my friends,
I built a cheap hen house or Backyard Chicken Coop. Living place in summer for my laying hens; late in april to october. After this season i move my hens in my insulated and heated coop.
Made with some recycled material to save money.
Can accommodate 12 hens.
I use the hen coop manure in my organic mulch... it's a very good natural fertilizer.
For detailed building instructions: ---> How to build a chicken coop
Time: 1 Months Cost: $100 Difficulty: Medium
It's easy to build an aviary or chicen run around a chicken coop. Use poultry netting and 2 x 4.
Winter chicken coop design.
For detailed instructions, click on the link below:

To see more: http://www.usa-gardening.com/guide/how-to-build-chicken-coop/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Karen Simon
    Karen Simon Monahans, TX
    on Feb 19, 2014

    This is really nice,but there are no actual building plans, just pictures.

    • Teri
      Teri Bellingham, WA
      on Feb 23, 2014

      Thank you for your post. Very nice and the chickens would be in 1 st class.

  • Wanda Coleman
    Wanda Coleman Bladenboro, NC
    on Feb 23, 2014

    The link, also, only shows pictures. No building plans.

  • Vthousepainter
    on Feb 23, 2014

    These plans are not plans and the materials list is a joke. If I must figure this out myself, why are you here???

  • K. C
    K. C Alpharetta, GA
    on Feb 24, 2014

    Cool! Could you also build a smaller one with wheels so you can move it around the yard? Chickens SO love grass and bugs, and they eat WEEDS before grass! If you move it around, they will eat the BAD BUGS libe Grubbs, which eat your grass roots, and WEEDS FIRST!! You can move it every few hours or every day and your yard will be nearly perfect and the chickens will be happy, happy. Happy. Youwont even have to buy feed, really.

  • K. C
    K. C Alpharetta, GA
    on Feb 24, 2014

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