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DIY Broom Rack

We live in a smallish house. We don’t have a separate laundry room, we have a tiny laundry nook in our family room instead. There’s no room for a broom cupboard so our cleaning supplies are tucked away throughout the house. As I was sitting on the toilet recently, I was struck by inspiration (that’s where all great ideas happen, right?). I was staring at the side wall of our laundry nook and it occurred to me that I should just hang the brooms right there on the wall.
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy
I decided to make my very own DIY broom rack using recycled decking and an old, wooden broom handle.
I started by cleaning my piece of decking … with a scraper.
The back of the board was even worse.
After much scraping, I set about sanding. I made sure the front was super smooth to touch as I wanted it to feel like a really old, well-loved piece of furniture. (I didn't bother sanding the back as it would be against the wall  )

Then I got to work making the pegs. This part was surprisingly easy (which never happens!). I cut the broom handle into peg-sized pieces.
(When you’re cutting the broom handle, brace a piece of wood against it so the saw doesn’t spin the handle and break your finger.)

Then I clamped each peg in a vice and predrilled a hole in the end. I then simply glued and screwed each peg to the decking board.

Both the decking board and the pegs appeared to be made from a blonde wood but I never know how dark a timber really is until I oil it.
I was shocked at how dark the pegs became once oiled – I honestly thought the old broom handle was probably made of pine. Now it’s as dark as jarrah. The decking is merbau which has a lot of variation of light and dark.

Once the oil had soaked in, I hung the broom rack on the wall by drilling a couple of screws straight through the decking piece and into the wall studs. The glaringly obvious screws bothered me so I dabbed a bit of black paint on them to make them blend in better.
Here is my completed broom rack:
I’m so pleased with my broom rack. It looks great, it works perfectly and it was FREE. I’m all about the freebies, people. I hope you like my broom rack too. If you prefer a Scandinavian style, be sure to make your broom rack out of a lighter-coloured wood like pine. For more details and pictures, feel free to head on over to my blog

Materials I used for this project:

  • Decking timber
  • Broom handle

To see more: http://www.houseofhollingsworthblog.com/2017/07/21/diy-broom-rack/

  • Evelyn Schaedel
    Evelyn Schaedel New York, NY
    on Aug 31, 2017

    What a great idea! So pretty!

  • Patricia Blue
    Patricia Blue
    on Sep 7, 2017

    This looks Great, outstanding workmanship. My take away on this is the way you hung the items indirectly. My tools are on contact hooks and they were cumbersome to hang. I immediately added burlap string and problem solved. Thanks!. Get back to the toilet genius, and send more ideas.

    • Kate Hollingsworth
      Kate Hollingsworth Australia
      on Sep 7, 2017

      Lol - thanks for your comments Patricia! I would have used string too if I had any thick enough to hold the weight of the broom. xx

  • Artemis
    Artemis New Port Richey, FL
    on Sep 7, 2017

    I have a rack for hanging mops/brooms, etc. that I bought years ago. It's plastic and works quite well however, I really like the look of this and plan to make one with a few more hooks. Thanks!

    • Katie
      Katie Weatherford, TX
      on Sep 30, 2017

      I also have a plastic hanger but the wooden looks soo much better! I may put a shelf on top of the wooden one for extra storage. Love the wooden one!

  • Terrysa
    on Sep 7, 2017

    The rack is very pretty superb workmanship. I really would rather hang my brooms in a closet or out of the way place. This is just my preference.
    Love the rack.

    • Kate Hollingsworth
      Kate Hollingsworth Australia
      on Sep 7, 2017

      Yes I'd totally love to have a broom closet somewhere - but it's great that stores like Kmart and Ikea have started selling inexpensive yet stylish wooden handled cleaning equipment. They tone down the vibrancy of my bright yellow Enjo mop 😉 xx

  • Lynne
    Lynne Detroit, MI
    on Sep 7, 2017

    lovely rack!! going to save this one, and thanks

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