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How to Start Seeds Indoors

Winter is waning and spring is finally on it’s way. If you haven’t already been thinking about what to plant in your garden, it is time. Hurray! I love getting my hands in the dirt and watching those little shoots spring up from the soil. This is one of my most favorite times of year (actually, I say that about the beginning of every season).
Planting seed directly in the ground works well for many of my seasonal vegetables, but there are some plants that benefit from a little head start to ensure they get off on the right foot. In my area, where the growing season is short, growing a few variety of plants from seed is not an option.For instance, tomatoes and peppers would never mature and produce before my typical growing season is over. Starter plants are the only viable way to go.
You will find growing plants indoors from seed is not all that difficult and it is much more satisfying to see the process from start to finish. I have written an easy tutorial to help get you started. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I love to help.

To see more: http://puregracefarms.com/2014/02/resiliency-and-strength/

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  • Jeanne
    Jeanne Jamestown, NY

    I have tried this and had no trouble getting them to germinate. But then the seedlings kind of stall and stay spindly. How do I get them to grow sturdy and bushy like the ones I buy at the nursery?

    • Shari@puregrace
      Shari@puregrace Boise, ID

      @Jeanne I purchased my items mostly at amazon.com where I could shop around for the best prices, with the exception of my grow lights. These I found at HomeDepot.com and would recommend either. On my website you will find links to most of the

  • Tammy
    Tammy Elkton, MD

    Be careful what you buy in the garden department at Home Depot! I've lived in Florida, Maryland, and Delaware and have ended up with an infestation of black ants after purchasing plants. They are very similar to white footed ants, and had several

    • Shari@puregrace
      Shari@puregrace Boise, ID

      Thanks for the information, a good thing to be on the lookout for.

  • Victoria McMackin
    Victoria McMackin Enumclaw, WA

    To make them sturdier, put a oscillating fan on them on very low for a few minutes several times a day.. imitates a gentle breeze that they would get outside and they in return bulk up the stem to withstand it. Or you could also gently brush the tips

  • Pascal Tremblay

    Interesting the heater for the tray.

  • Robert Muttenthaler

    I've tried doing this method before and I've always come out with the same result... nothing. Could it be because of over watering or where I've placed the trays ?

    • Shari@puregrace
      Shari@puregrace Boise, ID

      Yes! Overwatering is one of the biggest problems with seedlings who do not like to sit in water. I find the soilless mix helps tremendously with this problem as it does not hold on to the moisture quite as long as potting soil. But only until your

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