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How to Remove Melted Plastic on Stainless Steel?

My daughter decided to make popcorn late one night and turned on the wrong burner of the stove (All while not paying attention to what she was doing and talking on the phone).  On the back burner sat an empty stainless steel pot that was left with tea bags in it and a very large black plastic spoon.  After a few minutes the smoke alarm went off.  She realized there was a burning stench of plastic and saw the mistake she had made.  The tea bags were history, but the plastic spoon all melted into a puddle at the bottom of the pot.  These were a very expensive set of pots and pans that can no longer be replaced, and I would hate to have to throw another pot she destroyed away.  I have scrubbed the areas around the burn clean, but the plastic has not budged. I have even tried to scrape it up with a sharp edge, but don't want to run the risk of injuring myself or breaking a knife blade, screw driver and damaging the pot.  Can anyone give me any ideas on how to remove the plastic from the bottom of the pot?  Any help would be appreciated! 
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  • Robin
    Robin Saginaw, MI

    I have done that way too many times! Vinegar and baking soda will work every time! Mix in the pan and let sit for a while-I usually let sit for half an hour to an hour, depending upon the damage I've done. I usually keep a plastic putty knife next to

  • Marci N
    Marci N Florence, OR

    Heat will get it off. Have to heat it up to where the plastic starts to get soft then scrap it off with a scraper.

  • Carolscakes1
    Carolscakes1 Westland, MI

    I just had that happen to me. The simplest way to get melted plastic off a fry pan is to put it in hot water with Dawn liquid dishwasher soap. I soaked it for 10 Minutes and the plastic came off with my fingers in one solid piece. No harsh chemicals

  • Susanmattison6260

    Clean melted fabric from stainless steel pot

  • Jacqui Kneeland
    Jacqui Kneeland Cherry Hill, NJ

    I did this when trying to sterilize a pacifier. I found a paint scraper to be the best tool for scratching the plastic out. It worked great. Just don't recommend it for non-stick coating.