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How to clean Old Singer Sewing Machine?

I have a Singer that is over 100 years old. It is in very good condition but needs to be cleaned. What is the best way, without damaging the gold decals?

  • Athenaindigo
    36 minutes ago

    Don't clean it with anything other than slightly damp sponge...LIGHTLY...or dust it...

  • Tonya Brooks
    Tonya Brooks Jackson, MS
    29 minutes ago

    I agree. Better yet, contact Singer and they would be the best resource.

    Great antique. I would have it appraised before doing anything to it (just a suggestion) because if you ever think of selling it, the natural wear and petena is part of the character and value as it helps collectors assess the value.

  • Fiddledd224
    Fiddledd224 Sewell, NJ
    23 minutes ago

    I would take it to an appraiser and see what they say before messing with it since you may lose value for tampering with its current condition.

  • Emily
    23 minutes ago

    Is this an electric machine? If you are speaking of the working parts it is a job for a professional. If just for the metal (those are not decals, which would be pieces of plastic or paper glued on) wash it with murphy's soap and water and wipe it dry.

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