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Fairy Ball Light

Night Light for the front porch. Just a pretty glow to keep the Darkness at Bay..
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $8 Difficulty: Easy
This is a wonderful Ceiling Light globe I found at Habitat for Humanity Re Store.. and had a wonderful metal stand that it just fit... Now I need to think of how to use it .. It is so pretty...
I took the stand that I had and using "Gorilla" non expanding Clear Glue, glued the Globe securely into position.. The Stand is an embossed metal in vintage looking green paint.. sturdy and it gave the bottom finial of the Globe room..
Using "Gorilla Glue" in clear, with a no expanding quality, I glued a small glass dish I had, with a crystal piece from a Tea Light together. It made a very nice top for the Globe..
Next I utilized a Battery Light strand I had from Hobby Lobby. I inserted two "D" cell batteries and layered the battery pack in the bottom of the Globe.. Used a paper clip to hang the strand of lights from the lip of the Globe so they wouldn't just lay in a clump on the bottom..
I used the option on the Battery Pack for a 6 hour duration of "on" and now each night, it will turn on and stay lit at the same time every evening..
Put the lid back on the Globe and found the perfect spot to place it on the porch
The complete light is 24" tall
What a pleasant soft glow there is in the room now... And these Battery lights coming on for 6 hours an evening, usually last 5 months or so.. they do start to dim a bit at the end of the battery life.. so it is your option when to change them out.. I have several different sets around the house.. helps an old lady not to stumble around in the dark...  

Materials I used for this project:

  • Glass Globe Ceiling Fixture   (Habitat for Humanity Re-Store/ Thrift or Garage Sale)
  • Metal Stand   (Garage Sale)
  • Gorilla Glue in Clear   (Home Depot)
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Ask the creator about this project

  • Wendy
    on Sep 15, 2017

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Elizabeth City, NC
    on Sep 15, 2017

    Very pretty and bright!

  • Mishie56
    Mishie56 Casselberry, FL
    on Sep 15, 2017

    Nice work. I'll have to try this!! Just stunning.

  • Cindy Darsey Chadwell
    Cindy Darsey Chadwell Pensacola, FL
    on Sep 15, 2017

    How pretty!!!

  • Karen J
    Karen J Troy, NY
    on Sep 17, 2017

    Love this. May try it myself when I find the right globe

    • Lauren
      Lauren Zephyrhills, FL
      on Sep 17, 2017

      Sure, any large globe should work and any plant stand... I love this kind of idea because it puts me on a treasure hunt at my local Flea Market or Thrift .. good luck in your search... :)

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