2 rooms were built onto the back of our mobilhome they are made out of cinder blocks we keep getting mold in the winter months really need some help on what to do to resolve this problem ?
  • Laurie M
    Laurie M Erie, PA
    Clean with a good bathroom cleaner (esp one for mold.) Seal it with a good masonary paint. Paint with a mold preventer in your color choice. I used Kilz Paint tinted in my desired color. You'll want to make sure it is sealed from the outside too.
  • Teresa Church
    Teresa Church Ypsilanti, MI
    Do NOT use bleach products! use a good product for Black Mold, and do not use one that you spray as when you spray these spores will travel and can and will get into your lungs and grow, they will cause severe health problems and even death. Make sure
  • HHR Healthy Home Restoration
    Laurie is right. Clean with anything you want it only matters that you remove the spores and mold using a damp towel or sponge. You can then spray something to sanitize and bleach works great. Just be sure to use the bleach at a diluted level about 20%
  • Gail lichtsinn
    Gail lichtsinn Cincinnati, OH
    Bleach will kill some of the spores and bleach it so the mold doesnt show but pure white vinegar will kill it.There right about spraying it will put the spores into the air
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Need to clear some things up about bleach and mold.

    Bleach that you purchase over the counter even that stuff that says for mold, is not nearly strong enough to kill many molds

Shelley Hergenreder