Mason Jar Laundry Soap Containers With DIY Chalkboard Tags

Decor Ideas 05.02.16
My laundry room tends to be a bit messy and it is officially on my list to organize and beautify this year! I had an idea one night as I was falling asleep that I couldn't wait to implement! I knew it would be the perfect solution to getting rid of my big ugly laundry detergent containers and that I'd be one step closer to creating a pretty space to do laundry in!
Difficulty: Easy
The trick is all in the containers! Instead of the ugly blue and orange laundry detergent containers, pour your detergent into beautiful containers to use! I chose these pretty glass mason jar style drink dispensers to pour my soap in.
Then I simply took cute wooden shapes, painted them with chalkboard paint, drilled a hole and created cute chalkboard tags for my detergents!
Because all of my soaps were blue, I decided to definitely needed to label what was in each container!

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  • Kristi Stricklin
    Like this very much! Might add a tray to keep them from vibrating off the washer.
  • Darla
    Darla Casper, WY
    Have you found any issues with the Clorox eating away at the spigot connections?
  • Darlene
    Darlene Davenport, FL
    Will the soap / clorax eat the spigot up
    • SimplyDesigning
      SimplyDesigning Indianapolis, IN
      Darlene I haven't had any issues with it! But my clorox is a color safe laundry booster so it isn't a bleach.
  • Helenmcole1
    Walmart has these exact ones for about $8.00 love this go to use your idea thanks the plastic washing powder and other containers don't fit in the drawers of the washer
  • Helenmcole1
    Walmart has these exact ones for almost 8 dollars