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Mason Jar Laundry Soap Containers With DIY Chalkboard Tags

My laundry room tends to be a bit messy and it is officially on my list to organize and beautify this year! I had an idea one night as I was falling asleep that I couldn't wait to implement! I knew it would be the perfect solution to getting rid of my big ugly laundry detergent containers and that I'd be one step closer to creating a pretty space to do laundry in!
Difficulty: Easy
  • mason jar laundry soap containers with diy chalkboard tags, cleaning tips, mason jars, repurposing upcycling
The trick is all in the containers! Instead of the ugly blue and orange laundry detergent containers, pour your detergent into beautiful containers to use! I chose these pretty glass mason jar style drink dispensers to pour my soap in.
Then I simply took cute wooden shapes, painted them with chalkboard paint, drilled a hole and created cute chalkboard tags for my detergents!
Because all of my soaps were blue, I decided to definitely needed to label what was in each container!

To see more: http://www.simplydesigning.net/2014/02/mason-jar-laundry-soap-containers-with.html

Got a question about this project?

  • Darla
    Darla Casper, WY

    Have you found any issues with the Clorox eating away at the spigot connections?

  • Darlene
    Darlene Davenport, FL

    Will the soap / clorax eat the spigot up

    • SimplyDesigning
      SimplyDesigning Indianapolis, IN

      @Darlene I haven't had any issues with it! But my clorox is a color safe laundry booster so it isn't a bleach.

  • Helenmcole1

    Walmart has these exact ones for about $8.00 love this go to use your idea thanks the plastic washing powder and other containers don't fit in the drawers of the washer

  • Helenmcole1

    Walmart has these exact ones for almost 8 dollars

  • Kris Tengwall Johnson

    I purchased some lovely dispensers at Belk and LOVED the look, but it took so long for the detergent to flow that my husband demanded a change. I did keep my rinse solution of vinegar and water in one but had to change to an open top glass jug to

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