DIY Concrete Countertops Over Existing Formica

possibilities 3 days ago
Late last fall, we did a DIY kitchen remodel. I painted the kitchen cabinets, we built a range hood, and added molding to the upper cabinets. I really wanted to replace our builder grade, 1980's formica countertops with concrete - until I talked to a neighbor who had actually done this. He explained how they built molds, rented a concrete mixer . . . and the whole messy process! It just seemed like too much of a project for me and Mark to do on our own. Stop by my blog to see for the complete tutorial for how we transformed our formica countertops with concrete. #BudgetUpgrade

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  • Zee
    Zee Burleson, TX
    I have had concrete counter tops for quite a number of years. The look is great and it fits my decor . I wax them regularly and am careful about stains. Anything acidic will definitely cause an issue. I also, when installing placed a few leaves from my
    • Vicki Brain
      Vicki Brain Little Rock, AR
      Zee Sounds gorgeous! Hope you will show them on your blog!
  • Nancy Sue
    Nancy Sue Canada
    First project on this site I absolutely fell in love with.
  • Sheryll S
    Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    I think I will keep my Formica... I really don't have a problem with mine. Cleans easily, and it a color I like...... not LOVE, but I am good with it.
  • Nancy Robinson
    Nancy Robinson Central Point, OR
    Well I think it is gorgeous and thank you for sharing..
  • Marianne
    Marianne Wilmington, NC
    I love the concrete, especially with your brick wall. Keep those ideas coming, this one is wonderful.
  • Doreen Cagno
    Doreen Cagno Lititz, PA
    Thanks so much, Marianne! We are loving the concrete!
  • Dyan T
    Dyan T Ardmore, TN
    I would love to have these!!! :)
  • Zoe
    Zoe Austin, TX
    Can you comment on how the concrete countertops have been holding up the past few months? I have 3 young boys and ugly white laminate countertops. I am a DIY and not afraid of making a change, but I'm not sure if this will be more durable? Any
  • Patricia Martin
    This would be a great base for Giani Countertop paint. Can get a look of granite with it. I did my bathroom countertop and it is great. Would like to do my kitchen too and would not have to replace the formica to do it this way. Great looking!
  • Pamela LaMay
    Pamela LaMay Pensacola, FL
    Here is a wealth of info on concrete countertops !

  • Victoria D
    Victoria D Miami, FL
    Hi I am still considering doing the faux concrete counters and I am wondering after all this time if there still ok ?
  • Darlene
    Darlene Merritt, NC
    Has anyone tried this over a tile counter top that has buckled at the wall and if so did the concrete counter hold up?
  • Lucy Nunn
    Lucy Nunn Indianapolis, IN
    My husband thinks this wouldn't hold up to use, and I hope he's wrong. How is it holding up?
    • Doreen Cagno
      Doreen Cagno Lititz, PA
      Lucy Nunn The concrete is very solid! It is concrete, so you have to be careful with spills as they will cause a stain, but I really love them and it was a very inexpensive solution for us!
  • Dawn russell
    dawn russell Savannah, GA
    same question as Darlene. Has anyone tried this over tile counter tops?
  • Theresa Wolf
    What sealer did you use? For some reason I can not get to your blog.
Doreen Cagno