DIY Concrete Countertops Over Existing Formica

Dins's project's 2 days ago
Late last fall, we did a DIY kitchen remodel. I painted the kitchen cabinets, we built a range hood, and added molding to the upper cabinets. I really wanted to replace our builder grade, 1980's formica countertops with concrete - until I talked to a neighbor who had actually done this. He explained how they built molds, rented a concrete mixer . . . and the whole messy process! It just seemed like too much of a project for me and Mark to do on our own. Stop by my blog to see for the complete tutorial for how we transformed our formica countertops with concrete. #BudgetUpgrade

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  • Theresa Wolf
    Theresa Wolf Reedley, CA
    What sealer did you use? For some reason I can not get to your blog.
  • Omniman
    omniman Rochester, NY
    I dunnnno.....usually feathering only lasts a bit...without epoxy binders and/or nylon mesh for thin projects...Im doin this over 50 years
  • Bev
    Bev Leavenworth, KS
    We have concrete countertops and I love them! I've never had a problem with anything staining them, ever. They are non-porous, anti-microbial, hold up to hot pans and skillets coming right off the stove or out of the oven. Ours don't have anything other
    • Cindy Englehart Cook
      Cindy Englehart Cook San Diego, CA
      Bev i can't tell really but this DIY-er looks to have had a square nose edge yours? i have a 'no-drip' roll-formed edge to my old counters so I wonder if it would be more difficult to get a nice front edge?
  • Reginamurphy51
    reginamurphy51 Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Love the idea & the way it turned out
  • Bev
    Bev Leavenworth, KS
    My husband and I made forms and poured our concrete. I made concrete tiles for the walls over the counters and the front of the counters are poured concrete in a rope design... it's still a work (lot of work!) in progress.
    • Doreen Cagno
      Doreen Cagno Lititz, PA
      Bev Wow, Bev! That's great detailed work and it shows!!! Awesome!
Doreen Cagno