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  • Diane Kilivris
    Diane Kilivris Akron, OH

    My husband just threw out an oatmeal container yesterday and I salvaged it from the trash, thinking I could use it for "something". Serendipity! Thanks.

    • Debbie Boltz
      Debbie Boltz Waterloo, IA

      @Diane Kilivris Wow. You must have knew an idea was just around the corner! Thanks

    KELLY TAYLOR Duffield, VA

    Great summer project for the kids!! Start saving now.

  • VISimplify
    VISimplify Bowie, MD

    I love this! This is right in line with my company's mission...organizing does not have to be expensive!

  • Lorraine V
    Lorraine V Rochester, NY

    and another genius is born!

    • Debbie Boltz
      Debbie Boltz Waterloo, IA

      @Lorraine V No genius by any means I just have a lot of time to think on the job that I have. I also have a lady at work who we throw ideas around all the time. I will come up with something and she may tweek it a bit. It helps and vice versa. My

  • Leida R
    Leida R Tampa, FL

    Ohhh, I so love these!

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